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HCM Cloud: Oracle Is Listening

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(Editor’s Note: Todd Rayburn is MIPRO’s HCM Practice Manager.)

I have been in the HCM application space for over 17 years. The first 15 were focused on HCM PeopleSoft implementations. During the last two years I have been a part of multiple Oracle HCM Cloud implementations. While the product had it challenges in the early stages, as all new software does, one thing became very clear with each successive release:

Oracle is listening.

I first noticed this in a compensation implementation on release 5. Much of the feedback our team received around this release was concerning the user interface not being as “user friendly” as other SaaS applications. Oracle answered in kind with the FUSE user interface in release 7 (the next major release). The FUSE UI is an icon-based interface that made manager’s self-service transactions a few simple intuitive clicks — which, as we all know, is essential for manager adoption. Likewise, it’s critical to have one-click icon access to key reports and analytics that allow management to make informed personnel decisions without having to pick up the phone and request the data. Oracle took care of that one too.


Spinner Rage, or A Level of Detail Only Designers Grok

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These days, we’re all familiar with the variations of Apple’s now-famous spinner animation that’s the modern-day incarnation of the ‘waiting’ hourglass.  It began at Apple and has since spread just about everywhere in many variations.

Panic’s Cabel Sasser found a web spinner created by that is driving him nuts.  And the reason it’s driving him nuts is so detailed that 99% of people would never notice it, but once you see the flaw you’re done for.  In Sasser’s words:

Now look at that 16 x 16 sample again. You’ll see a brief, dark flash at the very top of the spinner, once per rotation. And, if you’re anything like me, you’ll never, ever be able to un-see it. Ever.

Read all about it here, even if you’re not a web or designer wonk.  It gives you some insight into how a top-tier designer thinks and makes you appreciate companies like Apple who have people around to conquer such missteps.

As for me?  Yeah, I hate frame five.  Hope you will too.


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