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Save Time & Money with PeopleSoft Asset Management: Consolidate Tax Books Now

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Bottom line right up front: Yes, PeopleSoft Asset Management (AM) can save your organization money! I recently had the opportunity of implementing PeopleSoft AM v9.2, and have worked with PeopleSoft AM a handful of times over the past 15 years. But this year I’ve really had the pleasure to see how PeopleSoft AM can save organizations big money.

What made a recent implementation unique was that this organization needed to track assets over numerous Tax Books, 12 in all, plus two Corp Books as well. In the past, this organization had tracked Assets for the Corp/FASB Books in their main system whereas all the Tax Books were tracked in a separate system. As part of this implementation, it was my goal to demonstrate that we could consolidate all the Tax Books into PeopleSoft AM and save the organization massive time and money. In their previous system(s), it required extra monthly procedures for interfaces and redundant manual input to keep the Tax Books in sync with the main system for Asset transactions such as “adds”, “adjustments” and “retirements”. By consolidating all the Books into a single system with PeopleSoft AM, all that extra effort to keep everything in sync and the cost of maintaining the separate sub-system can now all go away.

All. Go Away. That’s huge.