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PeopleTools 8.55 – Fluid User Interface Enhancements

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With the release of PeopleTools 8.55, those that have upgraded have realized the value in many of the new features this version offers. There are significant enhancements in the areas of dashboards, reporting, analytics, query and the all-important update manager (all of which we will discuss in future blogs). The one area that is receiving a lot of buzz, and requests to IT departments from the user community, is in the area of the Fluid User Interface.

For those of you not familiar, Oracle describes the Fluid User Interface like this: PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface moves away from pixel-perfect page layout and provides greater flexibility with the enhanced use of cascading style sheets. PeopleSoft application fluid pages scale from large screen devices (laptops and desktops) to the reduced viewing space of tablets and smartphones. Many commercial websites use a similar design model whereby the presentation and layout of information is adjusted dynamically to conform to the dimensions of the user’s device. The Fluid User Interface design approach gives developers just this type of control over the user experience. When a larger screen size (a screen with more “real estate”) is detected, the application content will adjust and conform accordingly to fill the space effectively. Similarly, if a smaller screen size is detected, non-essential information can be removed and the presentation of content will adjust to flow in a usable way.

New Fluid User Interface Enhancements in PeopleTools 8.55:

  • PeopleTools Portal Technology includes enhancements that support developing and delivering:
    • Fluid activity guides (guided process for building with 7 different templates)
    • Fluid dashboards
    • Fluid related content (user can view or quickly access information that supports, extends, and augments any PeopleSoft transaction)
    • Tile enhancements
      • Ability to take action from the tile itself, without going into the tile
      • Options on sizing of tiles on the dashboard
      • Display external contents inside a tile
    • Tile Wizard (browser based GUI that walks the user through the steps in creating and publishing a tile)
    • Branding enhancements (brings your branding to the Fluid User Interface)
    • Conditional navigation enhancements (render a page either in classic mode or fluid mode based on conditions and factors)
    • Homepage enhancements
      • Tiles resize based on the content they display
      • Reflect updated content elsewhere in the PeopleSoft system
      • Display external content
  • Navigation Bar is improved for use with small form factor devices. When screen width is limited, the NavBar will show only the tile list. The user can navigate from a tile in the list to the second level and make a selection, or navigate back to the tile list; but only the tile list will be displayed. This makes a fluid page and the NavBar specifically work better in touch first mode.
  • Related content can now be associated to fluid components. Related content appears as a side-page which can be pulled from the right hand side. There is also the ability to embed related content within a tile.
  • Master Detail Components (similar to PeopleSoft WorkCenters) gives developers more power and flexibility when designing pages for navigation and to assist users by bringing together commonly accessed application components within a single navigational structure. The overall master-detail component enables navigation between multiple components. The collection of components represents a collection of work typically performed by a particular role. When users tap items in the navigation pane, the target pane displays the appropriate detail content.

These are just some of the many new enhancements in PeopleTools 8.55 that will make providing a fantastic end user experience more straight-forward for your IT team and allow you to take advantage of all of the benefits PeopleSoft 9.2 offers your business.

Email us today to discuss the new enhancements in PeopleTools 8.55!

MIPRO Kickstarts 2014 with Two Conferences: Oracle HCM World and Oracle Value Chain Summit

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The Oracle community was buzzing in early February, kicking off 2014 with two key conferences occurring simultaneously. MIPRO Consulting was able to divide and conquer, with a major presence at Oracle’s inaugural HCM World in Las Vegas and at the second annual Oracle Value Chain Summit in San Jose, Calif.

HR leaders from around the country gathered at Oracle HCM World from February 4-6 for two and a half days of strategic knowledge sharing on meeting the challenges of Human Resources in a more mobile and social world. Modern HR was the theme of the conference and speakers, including the CIO of Siemens presenting how they are addressing the new Human Capital Management paradigms facing all organizations. Oracle President Mark Hurd opened the show, with CEO Larry Ellison delivering the closing keynote to wrap things up. This impressive bookend is extremely rare, and Hurd commented that the showing was a demonstration of Oracle’s commitment to HCM, to Oracle customers and to its 130,000+ employees. Ellison’s keynote was a highlight at HCM World, with a candid Q&A session that gave attendees an opportunity to interact with him on a personal level.

MIPRO was honored to present alongside the impressive speaker line-up. Managing Partner Jeff Micallef and HCM Practice Director Anne Meyer delivered a session titled “MIPRO’s Enterprise Journey,” which chronicled the company’s transition from Workday to Oracle HCM Cloud. The session was well received, with an interactive Q&A to conclude.

Oracle’s inaugural HCM World was a home run. The strategic sessions drew an executive level HR crowd, and prominent Oracle HCM representatives. The forward-looking content focusing on Modern HR for the multi-generational workforce was well thought out and expertly executed.

A little farther west, Maintenance Management’s biggest event of the year unfolded at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center from February 3-5. Formerly the Maintenance Management Summit, Oracle Value Chain Summit drew more than 1,500 attendees for more than 200 sessions covering every aspect of supply chain management.

Having executed more PeopleSoft Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) implementations than any other consultancy in North America, MIPRO is recognized as the leader in the PeopleSoft ALM space, and Value Chain Summit gave us an outstanding opportunity to connect with current and past customers, as well as the Oracle team responsible for ALM. From MIPRO’s viewpoint, the highlight of the conference was our 5th annual PeopleSoft Maintenance Management (MM) networking dinner. With a strong showing from PeopleSoft MM customers such as East Kentucky Power Cooperative, Covanta Energy, Cogentrix, and Jeffco Public Schools, as well as several key individuals from the Oracle team, the evening was a great success, providing an informal setting for everyone to share their experiences and enjoy a relaxing evening.

The focus on customer sessions at the show offered a great opportunity to hear first-hand experiences from PeopleSoft users—from the folks at Cogentrix Energy, discussed how they are utilizing Project Costing and Maintenance Management to CBRE highlighting their progress with the Real Estate Management Module. This real-life-scenario approach was beneficial for Oracle’s PeopleSoft ALM development/strategy team and customers alike.

Oracle HCM World and Value Chain Summit definitely started the 2014 conference season off with a lot of positive energy, and MIPRO is looking forward to building on that momentum at Collaborate, OHUG’s Global Conference, Reconnect and Oracle Open World later this year. If you’d like to connect with us regarding our experiences at these great industry events, give us a shout, or follow us on LinkedIn.

NEWS: We’re Presenting an Education Track Session at RECONNECT 2013

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MIPRO Consulting is proud to be a featured presenter in the Asset Lifecycle Management and Project Costing track at RECONNECT 2013.  On Thursday, July 25th at 11:30am, please join MIPRO’s Steven Brenner as he discusses Lease Management Enhanced through PeopleSoft Real Estate Management.

In this session, Steven will demonstrate how Real Estate Management can streamline lease administration business processes, generate cost savings, better meet payment due dates and provide reliable reporting to fuel informed business decisions.  To learn more about PeopleSoft Real Estate Management, click here.

You’ll want to be sure and make room in your agenda for this session.

Session Specifics

Session Title:  Lease Management Enhanced through PeopleSoft Real Estate Management

Session ID:   #2013PSFT-100850

Track:  Asset Lifecycle Management and Project Costing

Date: Thursday, July 25, 2013
Time:  11:30 am – 12:20 pm

Location:  LaSalle A

Speaker: Steven Brenner, Senior Principal Consultant – MIPRO Consulting


PeopleSoft Real Estate Management is a fully integrated solution for property lease management that streamlines site selection, lease administration and space management.  Real Estate Management’s built-in processing functions help to ensure that organizations make payments on time by automating rent generation, payment review and approvals, creating recurring rent schedules, including percent rent leases, operating expenses, security deposits, taxes, maintenance fees, accounting entries, allocations and workflow escalation.  Another key value of PeopleSoft Real Estate Management is real-time integration with your financial data and the ability to generate reports that fully reconcile with your organization’s general ledger.

About the Speaker

Steven Brenner serves as a PeopleSoft Senior Principal Consultant for MIPRO Consulting.  He has fifteen years PeopleSoft experience creating integrated solutions across the asset management, maintenance management, accounts payable, purchasing, ePro, real estate management and inventory modules.

Brenner 1

His project experience includes the entire PeopleSoft software development cycle with a proven track record in helping clients to integrate their business processes with PeopleSoft functionality and identify areas to improve efficiency through business process re-design.  His background includes extensive experience within the healthcare and public sector industries.

Steven is also a PeopleSoft 9.1 Financial Management Payables Certified Implementation Specialist and Certified Project Manager.

Intuitive vs. Innate vs. Taught

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A MIPRO colleague and I recently visited a client to conduct a post-project review.  The standard procedure of asking our customer how we did on the engagement can be both enjoyable and painful, but it is always productive.  This particular post-project review offered praise and critique which we take very seriously and do our best to incorporate this valuable feedback into future engagements.

It caused me to think about four of the MIPRO core values of integrity, quality, positive attitude and balance.  As I was listening to the constructive critique, it hit me how important those values are and how they enable an individual (especially a salesperson) to listen to the critique and then respond to it positively rather than defensively.  Since I tend to think in layers, it led me to contemplating those four core values and wondering if they are traits in people that are instinctively intuitive, or are they just part of our individual makeup or can they be taught?

I’m proud to say I’m employee #4 at MIPRO Consulting and have had the privilege of watching us grow.  When bringing on a new colleague, our first unspoken criteria is the ever-intangible ‘fit’.  During an hour long interview, one can only go on a gut feeling – that trait is basically intuitive or innate.  Perhaps years of experience can teach someone if their gut reaction is usually right, but I do think being right more than wrong is an ability you either have or you don’t. As Americans, we tend to rely on logic and reason too much — we need to learn to go on gut feel much more than we do.

You may be asking yourself, “So, what is the point with all this hyperbole?”  There is a common thread that runs through each and every one of us at MIPRO — mutual respect. If you’ve dealt with us or  hired us for a project, you know.  We are very different from each other in many ways.  Yet, I believe our clients, partners and fellow employees are fortunate to be associated with a group of individuals who are not only experienced and talented, but possess the positive, innate traits of the MIPRO core values.  Integrity, Quality, Positive Attitude, Balance.  They aren’t just words on our website or in our proposals.  They’re who we are.


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MIPRO Consulting at Oracle OpenWorld 2011

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Every year, Oracle OpenWorld offers thousands of sessions geared toward helping customers get the most out of their current IT infrastructure — and helping them make the most cost-effective and strategic IT investments going forward. Traditionally speaking, the who’s who of the Oracle ecosystem is present and engaged at Oracle OpenWorld.

This year, MIPRO will be represented by our PeopleSoft Practice FSCM Director Shannon Klabnik & our PeopleSoft HCM Practice Director Anne Meyer.

It’s hard to believe that the conference is half over.  Shannon’s session this past Tuesday was dynamic, insightful, thought provoking, and spurred several great discussions.  If you’re at Oracle Open World this week & interested in speaking with a MIPRO management team member about your plans for your application strategy, business objectives, or a good old-fashioned simple chat, please contact Shannon via her mobile at:  410.353.1803. She’d love to hear from you.


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MIPRO Consulting Wins Metro Detroit’s ‘101 Best & Brightest’ for the 6th Consecutive Year

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(Ed. Note: Lenore S. Litwin is MIPRO’s Director of HR.)

Bear with me for a self-congratulatory moment?

I was so proud to receive the announcement last week that MIPRO has once again been named one of ‘Metropolitan Detroit’s 101 Best & Brightest Companies to Work For.’  This makes six consecutive years that we have been so honored.


I wish I could say the award comes because of our awesome HR Department – but as always, it comes down to our employees.  I recently attended the national SHRM conference, and I heard so many of my peers complain about office politics, difficult employees and inflexible policies – and I just sat back and smiled.  Our team members make my job so much easier – they are smart, they are funny, and they are just generally pretty laid-back.  And no, I am not sucking up – they would never let me get away with that!    It just comes down to this – the real reason that MIPRO is one of the Best & Brightest is because our employees are the best and brightest.

Thanks everyone – let’s go for seven in a row!


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[NEWS] Come Visit MIPRO at the OHUG Global 2011 Conference

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WHEN: Sunday, June 19 – Thursday, June 23rd, 2011  calendar

WHERE: Orlando, FL (Click for more information about venue, hotel and transportation)

Join MIPRO, industry experts, thought leaders, and our customers at OHUG’s Global 2011 Conference in Orlando. The event provides a unique forum to trade ideas with more than 1,000 like-minded HCM attendees as well as to network with Oracle’s best and brightest.


Stop by MIPRO’s booth #300 and meet our PeopleSoft HCM Practice Director Anne Meyer (see her blog posts here).  Anne has 14 years of PeopleSoft experience – 13 of those in PeopleSoft HCM. She’ll be happy to talk with you about your current and future PeopleSoft HCM plans.

During the conference, we’ll be presenting how your organization can get prepared for Fusion, as well as presenting and demonstrating HCM BI Analytics.

We’ll see you at the show! Come visit us!


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New Blog Category: ‘Business Transformation’

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If my server logs are credible, there is a growing interest in the topic of ‘business transformation.’  I see the term come up with increasing frequency, and it dawned on me that up until today, we didn’t have a category for our business transformation-related posts.  We have posts related to BT, sure, but they were buried inside our larger business intelligence category.

Because of all this, I am happy to announce that MIPRO Unfiltered now has a business transformation blog category, which at this point features excellent insight from Mark Gavora, our Director of Business Transformation Services here at MIPRO.  We’ll be adding to it regularly with topics we already have on the drawing board.

In the meantime, if you have a topic about business transformation that you’d like to see us write about (or proffer our opinion on), please let Mark know and he’ll slot it into his publishing calendar.

Oh, and while we’re doing announcements, I’d be remiss not to remind everyone of our Twitter feed and Facebook page. You should join us on both if you follow brands on social media.

Any other questions?  Ask away in the comments!


MIPRO Consulting is a nationally-recognized consulting firm specializing in PeopleSoft Enterprise (particularly Enterprise Asset Management) and Business Intelligence. You’re reading MIPRO Unfiltered, its blog. If you’d like to contact MIPRO, email is a great place to start, or you can easily jump over to its main website. If you’d like to see what MIPRO offers via Twitter or Facebook, we’d love to have you.

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MIPRO Consulting at Oracle OpenWorld

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We’ve been getting a lot of inquiries as to our speaking schedule at this year’s OracleOpenWorld OpenWorld, and we now have some details that we can share.

First, we will be making the rounds at this year’s OpenWorld.  If you’ve worked with our team before, you know we’re lucky to have some of the most knowledgeable consultants you will find anywhere, especially as it relates to asset maintenance and reliability.  MIPRO consultants are consistently sought after by clients and even Oracle’s product teams themselves.

This year, we will be speaking in two ‘official’ sessions and have a steady presence in Oracle’s demo grounds area.  We have has also been asked to be a guest speaker at other Oracle-hosted sessions, but we can’t share them here.  But don’t be surprised if we crop up more than the schedule below indicates.

The two official sessions are:

Session 1

When: Monday, September 20, 2:00 –3:00 PM (AutoView Enterprise Visualization Session)
What: Capitalize on Information for Business Process Innovation with AutoVue Apps
Session ID: S317893
Location: Marriott Marquis Room – Golden Gate C3

Session 2

When: Monday, September 20, 3:30 PM
What: Crafting an Effective Capital Program Infrastructure Applications Strategy
Session ID: S318164
Location: Westin Market, Street Hotel, Metropolitan II

Have any questions? Let us know in the comments.


MIPRO Consulting is a nationally-recognized consulting firm specializing in PeopleSoft Enterprise (particularly Enterprise Asset Management), Workday and Business Intelligence. You’re reading MIPRO Unfiltered, its blog. If you’d like to contact MIPRO, email is a great place to start, or you can easily jump over to its main website. If you’d like to see what MIPRO offers via Twitter or Facebook, we’d love to have you.

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MIPRO Consulting Wins Metro Detroit’s ‘101 Best & Brightest’ for the 5th Straight Year

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Bear with us for a moment of self-indulgence?image004

We’re excited to announce that we have won Metropolitan Detroit’s 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For the fifth year running.  This award continues to be a reflection of our culture, focus on work/life balance, and dedication to our employees and customers.

I’ve said this before on this blog, but I’ll say it again because it bears repeating: not all consulting companies are created equal.  Or, to paraphrase George Orwell, all consulting companies are created equal.  Some are just more equal than others.

MIPRO Consulting is a specialist firm.  As such, we have a boutique culture and management style that, for the past five years, has drawn the industry’s top talent to our ranks.  We say this, and it comes across as an industry platitude, but it’s not.  Once you decide to work here or do business with us, it becomes clear that we’re not your average consulting firm.  And our list of 100+ clients will testify to this.

A big thanks and thumbs up to our employees, customers and partners who have helped us become who we are.  No way we could have done it without you.


MIPRO Consulting is a nationally-recognized consulting firm specializing in PeopleSoft Enterprise (particularly Enterprise Asset Management), Workday and Business Intelligence. You’re reading MIPRO Unfiltered, its blog. If you’d like to contact MIPRO, email is a great place to start, or you can easily jump over to its main website. If you’d like to see what MIPRO offers via Twitter or Facebook, we’d love to have you.

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