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PeopleSoft Partner Summit

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peoplesoft partner summit

Having attended the PeopleSoft Partner Summit, MIPRO Consulting is energized by all the opportunities we have to assist PeopleSoft customers.  PeopleSoft’s commitment is stronger than even and is laser-focused on customer value.  New products like the PeopleSoft Cloud Manager will provide customers the best of both worlds, the outstanding functionality of PeopleSoft as well as the ability to manage all and/or some of their environments in Oracle Cloud. The possibilities are endless.

In the HCM sessions modernizing of self-service, delivering the new fluid total rewards in Image 20 to the upcoming Self-Service for Position Management were exciting.  Along with simple features like the ability to now store attachments in self-service, coupled with all the new analytics on the roadmap, PeopleSoft continues to demonstrate their commitment focused on customer value.

To learn more about the PeopleSoft Partner Summit click here to read Mark Weintraub’s recap which was posted on the Oracle Blog.

As always, feel free to reach out to us at any time with any of your PeopleSoft related questions.

HCM Image 15 and Tools 8.55

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Have you noticed the changes and improvements after upgrading to Tools 8.55 and the latest HCM Image release? One of the changes you will notice immediately is that access to the classic menu has been removed. This change is designed to drive the FLUID user experience. Users can enter into the Manager Self-Service, Employee Self-Service, and Workforce Administrator FLUID landing pages.

Tools 855 1

Over on the far right hand side is the NavBar button. Clicking on the NavBar will expose a number of additional navigation options including Favorites, the Classic Home menu, FLUID Home and other personalized shortcuts.

Tools 855 2

All of this navigation has a much more FLUID and mobile feel designed for mobile devices but, as mentioned, the Classic Home is still available for those longing for the old look and feel.

Tools 855 3

The FLUID navigation can be found using the Navigator button. While this was there on previous Tools versions, with 8.55 there is more emphasis on FLUID as the starting point as opposed to the classic menu.


Tools 855 4

For more information on PeopleSoft and Tools 8.55, please feel free to contact me at


PeopleSoft HCM Position Statement

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HCM Position Statement

PeopleSoft and the Affordable Care Act

Oracle continues to provide updates, the last one on February 10, 2015, to a white paper for Benefits, Time and Labor, and Payroll North America as it relates to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (HR 3590) and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 (H.R. 4872). The laws are extremely complex and ever-changing and the PeopleSoft HCM Position Statement provides brief summaries for the provisions that most directly relate to Benefits and Payroll business practices.

The white paper is a valuable read and can be accessed by clicking PeopleSoft Benefits and Payroll for North America Position Statement: Affordable Care Act. You will be prompted to enter your Oracle user name and password.
The document is organized by years and lists the regulation, followed by the requirement of that regulation and then the PeopleSoft position. The PeopleSoft position may reflect that there is no impact to Benefits or Payroll North America products, or it may indicate what product changes were made to support the revision, including any applicable Bug information: BUG ID, Update ID, and Bundle ID by version. There are a good 15 pages of detail that outline provisions that impact 2014-2015. I consider this a “must read” for anyone responsible for executing Benefits and Payroll in PeopleSoft.

As always, please be sure to contact Larry Zagata with any questions. MIPRO is your go-to contact for anything PeopleSoft.

PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface Experience in HCM

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peoplesoft fluid user interface

By now, if you’ve been working with or researching PeopleSoft 9.2/Tools 8.54, you’ve heard about the new PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface. It’s responsive design done right for PeopleSoft, and it truly modernizes the PeopleSoft experience across all types of devices. PeopleSoft is no longer tied to a specific client or client environment, and now it’s optimized for mobile more than ever. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • PeopleSoft Mobility on any device. Simple and intuitive to use.
  • New online desktop experience via browser. Lower training costs.
  • Native tablet/phone experience, not a hackneyed add-on. Seamless user experience across platforms.
  • Optimized across multiple form factors. Real-world responsive design.
  • HTML5/CSS3 PeopleSoft Pages. Consistency across PeopleSoft and Oracle.
  • End user personalization. Delight your PeopleSoft users.
  • Single, merged solution across PeopleSoft. Easy to provision and deploy.

Fluid UI, coupled with the PeopleSoft Selective Adoption functionality, is bringing PeopleSoft up to a modern standard where it competes, quite competently on every level, with increasing cloud competition. Every week we are talking to clients who are more than happy to keep investing in PeopleSoft simply by virtue of the vision PeopleSoft has brought to the table with 9.2 and PeopleTools 8.54.

Like always, a video explains more than a blog post ever could. Here’s a good rundown on what the PeopleSoft Fluid UI for HCM really means — and what it provides users and managers alike.

PeopleSoft 9.2 HCM Update Image 9: Feature Snapshot

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Following up on what we wrote about PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 Update Image 9 a few days ago, here is something our Delivery Team put together to provide a high-level snapshot of the new features and functionality in this latest update image. This was a big one indeed: it contains a significant number of enhancements that deliver high value with very little learning curve or adaptation difficulty. Many of these features center around the new Fluid User Interface (Fluid UI) that got its fair share of attention at OpenWorld this year, as well as mobile capabilities. Here is a quick snapshot:

Screenshot_11_11_14__3_19_PM(Click to enlarge)

If you have any questions about PeopleSoft 9.2 HCM Update Image 9, get in touch. We’re happy to help.

PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 Update Image 9 Now Available (Fluid UI Arrives!)

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The second sentence in the announcement by Kristen Emery over at PeopleSoft Apps Strategy says it all:

This Update Image is the largest and most impactful PeopleSoft Update Image posted to date.

And it certainly is. The buzz around Fluid User Interface is astonishing. It was one of the main themes at Oracle OpenWorld last month, and it’s a topic in conversations we’re having every day. It’s a must-have piece of functionality.

As far as enhancements not related to Fluid UI, there’s a ton for the HCM power user, too.

This new functionality provides the user with an easy to use application that is configurable so you can determine what homepages and tiles you want to see based on your organizational needs. Some characteristics and functionality of delivered fluid homepages include:

  • PeopleSoft delivers two out-of-the box homepages (Employee Self Service and Manager Self Service) with the ability to create your own.
  • You can navigate from one homepage to the next by simply selecting the page you want or swiping to the left (on a tablet or phone).
  • Each homepage contains tiles. You have the ability to add, remove and control the placement of the tiles. You can also share tiles across multiple roles and landing pages.
  • Users will be able to view key information at a glance that is dynamic and data displays on tiles.  The user can click or tap on tiles to access the associated content.

In a word, this is all about efficiency. Efficient navigation, efficient GUI bundling, efficient workflow. It’s so much nicer and more streamlined – it has to be seen to be understood. Bullet-point F&B’s don’t do the revamp justice.

Last but not least, let’s not forget about Workcenters and Embedded Analytics, especially as they relate to payroll administration.

WorkCenters and Embedded Analytics are another great example of how users can be more efficient and productive. Payroll for North America delivered the Payroll for North America WorkCenter. This is a one stop shop for the Payroll Administrator to process payroll. The WorkCenter provides the administrator with alerts and analytics to help identify errors prior to a payroll going out the door.

Update Image 9 also delivered new Analytics in other areas such as Time and Labor and Absence Management allowing you to get more insight, spot trends and issues, and have the opportunity to take action with ease.


The update is massive, and well worth the effort and time. See full details here.

(VIDEO) PeopleSoft Talk: Self Service in PeopleSoft HCM, Featuring Maria Ana Santiago

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We have weekly talks with clients about PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 and why it’s such a worthwhile upgrade. In the most recent version of PeopleSoft Talk with Marc Weintraub, Director of PepleSoft HCM Product Strategy Maria Ana Santiago gives a great 12-minute rundown on what makes PeopleSoft HCM so effective. Topics covered include:

  • HR transformation
    • How HR needs to align – and drive – business strategy
    • HR must move from an administrative role into a force that shapes business direction
    • The typical day versus the ideal day for an HR chief
  • The impact of millennials entering the workforce
    • The millennial generation works and thinks and behaves in different ways, and they need other things from the HR department
  • Employee and Manager self-service
    • HR needs to focus on organizational strategy, so more time is needed for that at the necessary expense of daily HCM operating tasks
    • Self-service allows HR to keep strict focus
    • Self-service decreases incoming HR ticket/request flow and reduces conversation chattiness
    • Most importantly, self-service is a cultural change – if an organization isn’t ready, the conversion will be unsuccessful
  • PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 makes for easy self-service
    • Intuitive, free-text, loose-syntax search, a la Google
    • Brings comfortable web idioms into HR system – co-opts known behavior
    • Today it’s not about the desktop computer, per se, but rather about mobile and post-PC work (e.g. tablets)

All this and much more. Worth your time to watch if you are considering/planning your move to PeopleSoft HCM 9.2.

PeopleSoft Update Image 8 for 9.2 HCM and FSCM Now Available

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PeopleSoft has released Update Image 8 for PeopleSoft 9.2 HCM and FSCM. With FSCM Image 8, there are eight new enhancements to the 9.2 platform along with enhancements to PeopleSoft recruiting solutions.  An overview list of the enhancements is listed below.

  • PeopleSoft FSCM 9.2: Updates for Contracts LOC Enhancements
  • PeopleSoft FSCM 9.2: Enhancements for eProcurement Marketplace Integration
  • PeopleSoft FSCM 9.2: Accounts Payable PAM – Standard Payment Request
  • PeopleSoft FSCM 9.2: Grants Regulatory Enhancement for Federal Award Identification and Reference Award Numbers
  • PeopleSoft FSCM 9.2: Global Options and Reports FEC French Audit File
  • PeopleSoft FSCM 9.2: General Ledger Journal Delete Options
  • PeopleSoft FSCM Application Fundamentals 9.2: PeopleSoft Transaction Codes for Costing InterUnit Transfers
  • PeopleSoft Billing 9.2: Enhancements to Letter of Credit Process
  • PeopleSoft HCM 9.2: U.S. OFCCP Self-Identification Regulation Enhancements – PeopleSoft Recruiting Solutions

The details on the updated functionality can be found on the PUM Homepage (with Oracle support login) and additional information can be found on Oracle’s PeopleSoft Information Portal.

Is PeopleSoft HCM a Modern HR System?

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Great writeup from Maria Ana Santiago over at PeopleSoft Apps Strategy discussing the buzz around “modern HR systems” and how PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 fits within that label. We’ll be the first to say that pandering to an ambiguous marketing term like “modern HR system” is a slippery slope, but indeed that’s what we hear our clients talking about. So slippery or not, it’s valid.

Santiago’s post comes as a recap of the OHUG PeopleSoft HCM roadmap session, and it’s a great summary of Oracle’s position for PeopleSoft HCM in the current landscape:

During OHUG we showed and demoed what we have delivered in the latest product images as well as what we are planning on delivering during the rest of this calendar year.  Several of the new applications and new capabilities to be delivered are being built with Peopletools 8.54 Fluid technology. The paradigm shift that started with 9.2 is now taking another dimension and completing the modernization of PeopleSoft HCM.  PeopleSoft Responsive and Fluid design allows PeopleSoft HCM to have applications that can be optimized for multiple devices – phone, tablet and desktop -. It doesn’t matter what size of monitor you have, or what type of tablet, or which phone. Our applications will render and adjust to the device you are using. Some of the applications we demoed at OHUG were: Mobile Approvals, Time and Absence Entry,  Manager Self Service with the new My Team View and Guided Self Service, Employee Self Service with new Personal data / profile self service capabilities.

The whole thing is a great read, especially if you are (or are looking to become) a PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 customer.