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Employee Turnover

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HCM Position Statement

Since our inception in 2005 we have focused on our employee turnover for many reasons:

  • Employees are our most important asset to us and our customers.
  • We embrace and encourage professional, personal, spiritual balance to attract and retain superior talent.
  • Employee turnover is very costly.
  • Employees often leave in groups.

This article is a great perspective of employee turnover. With all of our focus, we still at times fail at keeping good people.  Sometimes it’s for life style change, better opportunities we cannot match, marriage, kids, school, or we flat out dropped the ball.  In business, effort does not always equal success but we still give it everything we can because the loss of good people is one of the hardest things to accept as an owner.

Very good article. Read it today!

The Importance of Strong Customer Relationships

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For my entire career I have worked to build strong customer relationships.  I do so in various ways:

  • First, I add value to the company; without doing so everything else is irrelevant.
  • Second, I take a sincere interest in my contact’s professional goals. Over time, I talk to them about their accomplishments and failures.
  • Lastly, I take an interest in them personally: kids, marriage, vacations, family, etc.

We all come to work every day looking to accomplish something.  I personally have found that building great relationships is as rewarding as building a great company.

This article puts some data and numbers behind Brand vs. Relationships.  I just grin knowing that I might be doing something right.

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