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2017 Education and Networking Conferences

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Have you planned your education and networking budget for 2017?  In addition to the Oracle PeopleSoft website,, there are several user groups that organize in-person and virtual monthly meetings along with annual conferences.  User groups are great resources for:

  • Product and customer information
  • To see what topics are trending with customers
  • Presentation and education opportunities for customers

As you plan your education and travel budget, you may want to consider having your team members cover different conferences to expand your team’s knowledge base and network, including:

• Healthcare Information Management Systems Society:
− HiMSS17: “Where The Brightest Minds In Health and IT Meet”
February 19 – 23, 2017 Orange County Convention Center, Orlando FLConferences

• Higher Ed User Group:
− Alliance 2017:  Feb 27 – March 2, 2017, MGM Grand, Las Vegas NV

• Public Sector User Group:

• Federal Users Network (FUN):

• Quest International User Group:
Quest− COLLABORATE: Technology and applications forum for the Oracle Community April 2–6, 2017, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas NV
− RECONNECT:  PeopleSoft Deep Dive,  July 17 – 21, 2017, Hyatt Regency O’Hare, Rosemont IL
− SIG (special industry group) Experience Week:  dates to be announcedOHUG

• Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) User Group:
− Global Conference:  June 6 – 9, 2017, Rosen Centre Hotel, Orlando FL



• Oracle Healthcare Industry User Group:
− Interact 2017:June 18–21, 2017 Rosen Shingle Creek, Orlando FL

• Oracle OpenWorld:  October 1 – 5, 2017, San Francisco CA

If we can be of any assistance please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Oracle’s Larry Ellison Talks about the Future On-Premise & Cloud

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Take 3 minutes to watch this video! Larry Ellison, Executive Chairman and CTO at Oracle, shares his thoughts on the future of on-premise and Cloud solutions. If you had any doubts about the viability of Oracle’s on-premise solutions, you won’t after these 3 minutes. Ellison starts by revealing that Oracle spends a staggering $5 billion dollars per year on R & D and that they are committed to providing improvements to their on-premise solutions; he specifically mentions both JD Edward’s products and PeopleSoft Financials. Oracle’s customers expect and deserve continued improvements to their products and Oracle is delivering. Ellison is honest and straightforward when he shares that it is in Oracle’s “selfish best interest” to continue to make improvements to their on-premise solutions because Oracle’s goal is to have customers “trust Oracle as a technology supplier.” They want customers for life.

Ellison very candidly shares that Oracle’s Cloud project has been ongoing for about 10 years and that he sees a gradual migration from on-premise solutions to Cloud over the next decade. But if & when this happens, it will be when it makes sense to each individual business so they recognize the need to offer choices to their customers.

Any questions regarding Oracle’s on-premise software, such as PeopleSoft Financials please email Larry Zagata.


PeopleSoft: Alive, Well and Evolving

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In the recent PeopleSoft Talk, PeopleSoft Investment Strategy, published on November 30, Marc Weintraub and Paco Aubrejan sit down for an informative Q & A about the PeopleSoft product, including Fluid User Interface and Selective Adoption.

Here are the key messages that were delivered:

  • Oracle is still as committed to PeopleSoft as they were in the beginning.
  • Investment in the PeopleSoft product is at a very high level.
  • Oracle is continuing to innovate across the spectrum of the PS product, from user interface to provisioning and architectural level.

The 19 minute interview provides a wealth of information about the recent changes in the overall philosophy surrounding PeopleSoft. Here are just a few:

  • Selective Adoption is a fundamental model change that also requires a fundamental shift in how organizations think. The IT department and business owners/users will be working together to select features that drive the business.
  • Oracle’s response to the customers’ demand for a user interface that is simple, intuitive, modern and mobile, including the “mobile first” approach going forward.
  • After a customer is on 9.2, no more costly upgrades.
  • The need for customizations are reduced because of the increased configurability.
  • Simplified analytics: Users can write reports without the involvement from IT thereby reducing IT costs and increasing user engagement.

Take the time to watch the short video; you will not be disappointed. And in the words of Paco Aubrejan, “It is an exciting time to be part of the PeopleSoft ecosystem.”

If you have any questions regarding PeopleSoft please reach out to us by emailing Larry Zagata. We look forward to hearing from you.

PeopleSoft eProcurement on Mobile Devices

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Remember when users had to use pen and paper to make a list and go back to their workstation to order supplies? Or field technicians had to return to the office to request additional parts or equipment? Those days are long gone! The Fluid User Interface (FUI) allows your users and technicians to order items while on-the-go and keep up with their approvals from their tablet or smartphone in PeopleSoft eProcurement. This on-the-fly functionality allows users to be productive whenever the need arises and from wherever is convenient. And we all know that time is a valuable commodity to any business.

Users and Technicians can:

  • Search for items
  • Access web suppliers
  • Add items to their shopping cart
  • Submit requisitions for approval

Buyers / Approvers

  • View and approve requisitions
  • See the line item details
  • View their history of approvals

This short video from Oracle shows just how intuitive the functionality is on the mobile device.

If you have any PeopleSoft eProcurement questions or ANY PeopleSoft questions at all email us. We will have the answers you need!


FSCM PUM Image 12

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With PeopleSoft 9.2, new features and enhancements are delivered periodically in PeopleSoft Update Images. Last month Oracle released Image 12 for PeopleSoft FSCM. Each new Image demonstrates Oracle’s continued commitment to its PeopleSoft application and its PeopleSoft customers.

A few notable enhancements are in the area of Work Centers and Mobile Approvals. You can get the complete list from the FSCM PUM Homepage on Oracle Customer Support; you will need your Oracle user name and password. But here is a brief list of some of the enhancements:


Product ComponentSubjectDescription
Asset ManagementENH:AM WORKCENTER: DISPLAY AND PROCESS TRANSACTIONS PENDING JOURNAL GENERATIONThe new My Work link of Process Journal Generate allows authorized users to review and submit Asset Management accounting entries for journal generation.
Cash ManagementENH: TREASURY DEALS AND TREASURY SETTLEMENTS MAP APPROVALEnabled mobile approval for Treasury on Mobile Approvals Platform (MAP).
Real Estate ManagementENH:AUDIT OPERATING EXPENSESThe Operating Expenses (Common Area Maintenance fees) audit/reconciliation component now provides for a final manual adjustment field, so an authorized user can add or subtract an amount off the final total. This can be used in cases where a final adjustment needs to be made at the end of the worksheet, rather than individually adjusting each row.   In addition, a new, configurable audit status field has been added beyond the processing status of the worksheet. This audit status provides a new visual indicator to users that even though a CAM payment was made, perhaps there still needs to be subsequent follow up to validate the amount paid at a future date.
Strategic SourcingENH: DOWNLOAD BIDDER ATTACHMENTSThe Download Bidder Attachments enhancement allows users to download all Strategic Sourcing bid response attachments for all or selected bidders. The system automatically creates one .zip file for all selected bidder attachments with folders corresponding to sourcing event structure for logical viewing.
Order ManagementENH: PRICING MANAGER’S WORK CENTEROrder Management’s Enterprise Pricer contains very robust functionality for configuring your pricing programs using flexible, user-definable criteria to model multiple pricing models. Much of the information around pricing was scattered in various setup and transaction-centric menus. With the Pricing Manager’s WorkCenter, all pricing-related functionality is put into the Pricing Manager’s WorkCenter one place with easy-to-access links for one-stop management of an organization’s pricing. In addition, a new Margin Analysis Dashboard and Pricing-related Alerts were created to allow Pricing Managers to see how effective their pricing programs are, and to enable them to proactive monitor when the organization is not meeting margin goals.


Have you upgraded to PeopleSoft 9.2 yet? We are happy to assist you. If you would like more information about upgrading to 9.2, FSCM PUM Image 12, or have any questions about PeopleSoft, please reach out to me via email at

Oracle Announces
PeopleSoft Roadmap Site

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Oracle has now provided the PeopleSoft community with a comprehensive information center that provides a high-level view of planned new features and enhancements for the PeopleSoft product line that are scheduled to be delivered through PeopleSoft Update Images within the next 12 to 18 months. By creating this site, Oracle is providing unprecedented access to their direction with the PeopleSoft product, allowing for PeopleSoft customers to better develop their PeopleSoft adoption strategy.

Each PeopleSoft pillar, Technology, Human Capital Management, Financials, Supply Chain, Asset Lifecycle Management, and Campus Solutions, has a designated page highlighting the planned features and enhancements.  As each enhancement is delivered within the appropriate PeopleSoft pillar, it will be removed from the high level site and added to the Cumulative Feature Overview tool and new features planned for the subsequent Update Images will be added to the site. In other words, this site will be continuously updated to reflect the latest upcoming planned new features and enhancements.

If you would like to read more about the PeopleSoft Roadmap site check out the blog on the Oracle Community Support page. You will need your Oracle User ID and Password to access this information.

As always, if you have any PeopleSoft questions please contact Larry Zagata.

HCM PUM Image 12

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peoplesoft oracle

In April 2015, Oracle released Image 12 for PeopleSoft HCM. You can get the complete list from the HCM PUM Homepage on Oracle Customer Support. Images 13, 14 and 15 are scheduled for this July, October and December respectively. To access any of the PUM Homepages you will need your Oracle user name and password.

A few notable enhancements are in the area of Fluid User Interface along with Affordable Care Act reporting. Here is brief list:

Image NumberProductProduct ComponentResolution Text
9.2.012PeopleSoft Enterprise HCM Human ResourcesCompany Dir / Org Chart ViewerThe Company Directory tile on the Employee Self Service and Manager Self Service landing pages accesses the new fluid version of the Company Directory transaction.
9.2.012PeopleSoft Enterprise HCM Time and LaborTime and LaborIncluded materialized views for Affordable Care Act eligibility and reporting.
9.2.012PeopleSoft Enterprise HCM ePerformanceePerformanceWe delivered Small Form Factor version of Performance tile on Employee landing; this feature gives
customers an improved user experience.
9.2.012PeopleSoft Enterprise HCM Time and LaborTime and LaborIncluded queries and pivot grids for Affordable Care Act Reporting.


If you would like more information about HCM PUM Image 12, please reach out to me.

Fluid User Interface – The Competition Is On

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peoplesoft fluid user interface

Are you already using Fluid User Interface (Fluid UI)? Curious about the new interface? Check out Marc Weintraub’s recent blog announcing a competition called “First to Fluid”.

Why not reap all the great benefits of the new interface while gaining some fabulous prizes promised by competition.

Don’t forget about all the great information on related to the Fluid User Interface.

In the meantime, please be sure to contact Larry Zagata if you have questions about any of the recent changes to PeopleSoft or ANY PeopleSoft questions.

Casual Friday: Essential Cooking Techniques

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It’s Friday, we’re heading into a season where food is the raison d’être, and if you’re anything like me, you have no idea what to do in the kitchen. I mean, I can make cereal, even oatmeal, and probably toast. I can also boil noodles and slop a bottle of sauce on them. Sometimes, I manage to scramble eggs without having them turn out like dried paint. But beyond these dishes, my reliability and skill in the kitchen diminishes rapidly. I am not proud of this.

I plan on taking a few cooking classes, but before that, seriously watching every one of these 53 NYTimes videos that teach essential cooking techniques. I do mean essential, too: these range from cutting a mango, to holding a knife (I’ve been doing it wrong, by the way), to poaching an egg to stemming greens.

Literally almost every video in this series taught me something I didn’t know. I would say that’s how good these videos are, but when I’m your control group, well, your cooking study starts off pretty deep in the hole.

(Yes, I watched them all. For real.)


Check these out. Worth your time if you want to get better in the kitchen.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Updated: Backblaze’s Hard Drive Reliability Report

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If anyone knows something about hard drives, it’s Backblaze, whose very existence depends on the reliable, stable backup of its customers’ data.

Earlier this year Backblaze published a report that detailed their operational experience with hard drives from Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi and others. Just last month, they updated their findings based on the 34,000 hard drives they have deployed today.

The report goes into great detail (while remaining cohesive), but this chart gives you the summary:

Hard Drive Failure Rates by Model

Read the entire report here. This is great information, and this year’s earlier report informed my decision about what external hard drive to buy for home backup purposes (spoiler alert: I went with Western Digital).