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This is UnfilteredMIPRO Consulting’s widely-read blog about the PeopleSoft product, professional services, technology, Business Intelligence, web culture, general business, and our company’s guiding principles.  Written primarily by the MIPRO team, Unfiltered does feature content from industry luminaries.

Our singular focus is PeopleSoft — we love it, we live it, we breathe it every day.  Since 2005, we’ve been implementing, upgrading and optimizing PeopleSoft solutions for customers around the world.  We’re guided by a strong and enduring passion for three things:  employing and inspiring the best people in the business, the success of our clients and the PeopleSoft product.  It is a passion that conditions our every pursuit, fueling one persistent and consistent motivation: to do the right thing.

This unity of people, purpose, and product allows us to understand situations and find inspired solutions that most would not see through the noise.

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