About MIPRO Consulting

We’re a new breed of consulting company.  MIPRO Consulting is founded on the notions of unparalleled experience, open communication and real teamwork.  We create the best so we can attract the best — for you.

MIPRO Consulting was formed by some of PeopleSoft’s most senior executives, customer service and consulting professionals. Hand-picked for their unique dedication to customer service and delivery excellence, the management team at MIPRO Consulting continues the PeopleSoft tradition and culture of “Outrageous Customer Service,” long a PeopleSoft/Dave Duffield hallmark.  Consulting delivery professionals at MIPRO Consulting are world-class and globally experienced, each with the ability to help lead your project from both a tactical and a strategic perspective.

Customer Service is the New Marketing

MIPRO believes that the best advertising a company can have is also the simplest: consistent referrals and recommendations from its clients.  Since MIPRO’s inception in 2005, we have been steadily referred by our clients, who often call our consultants as important and ingrained as any of their internal employees.

With every project, for every customer, MIPRO aims to not only get the project done on time, within budget and with high business value, but also to become a longstanding colleague and trusted partner.  If we can’t do that, then we haven’t done our jobs.

Not Just Another Consulting Company

MIPRO professionals have been identified as leaders in their respective fields.  Recognized by Oracle/PeopleSoft internally for their individual contributions to customer care and project delivery, MIPRO resources remain the standard by which other consultants are measured, and even MIPRO’s customers agree.  MIPRO doesn’t merely place bodies on your project team, but recognized leaders and experts who provide real-world business value and strategic project expertise. Many of the MIPRO team are responsible for white paper publications, product strategy, and delivery strategies used in the field today.

Today, MIPRO specializes in Oracle, PeopleSoft and Business Intelligence technologies.