Fluid Approvals – Image 23

PeopleSoft continues to expand Fluid, especially the very valuable Fluid Approvals. In Image 23, the following Fluid Approvals enhancements were rolled out so here is a consolidated list from the Image 23 overview document. An additional six new Fluid Approvals transactions were added.

  • Enhanced the Fluid user interface for approval of Travel Authorization, Cash Advance, Cash Advance Post-Pay Audit and Expense Post-Pay Audit approvals. In addition, you can view Notes and Attachments if users exit on the Classic page.
  • General Ledger Chartfield approvals. Enabled Fluid ChartField Request Approval through PeopleSoft Page Composer. ChartField request can be approved using a mobile device, by accessing the Pending Approvals page, and selecting the Field Request type.
  • eSettlements approvals. Added Fluid Approvals for invoices at the header and line levels. This feature allows users to approve, deny, or push back transactions, add comments for approval actions, and view transaction attachments. In addition, this feature enables Accounts Payable approvers to view Approval History and submit Self Service Invoices for approval from the voucher component. Users can also instigate batch voucher approval via mass submission.
  • Accounts Receivable Maintenance Write-off. Enhanced Fluid Approvals for Receivables Draft and Maintenance leveraging PeopleSoft Page Compose, for approval transactions initiated from the Draft and Maintenance Worksheet. Allows users to approve, deny, or push back the write-off, perform approval actions for multiple write-offs, add approval comments and view line details and attachments. The approval process supports adding comments and viewing attachments for pending transactions.
  • Treasury Deal Confirmation. This enhancement allows users to approve and deny the deal confirmation; add comments for approval and denial actions; and view line details and transaction attachments.
  • Supplier Approvals. Enhanced Fluid approvals for Suppliers which allows you to view detailed information about Suppliers awaiting approval and approve or deny the request.

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