General Ledger Fluid Pages

In today’s blog, we are going to talk about General Ledger Fluid Pages. As we mentioned in our last blog (click here if you missed it), we are taking some time to update you on what is currently available through Image 23; below is the list of General Ledger Fluid Pages. The General Ledger Fluid Pages links will take you directly to the content within PeopleBooks.

Fluid PageImage Delivered
View GL Business Units PageImage 19
Ledgers For A Unit Page (Fluid)Image 19
Questionnaire PageImage 19
Questionnaire: Advanced Features PageImage 19
Create New Ledger PageImage 19
Create New Ledger Group PageImage 19
GL Business Units – Change Log PageImage 19
Business Unit – Submit PageImage 19


PeopleBooks offers the full description of the General Ledger Fluid Pages functionality.

General Ledger Fluid Pages

There is a lot of good information on the Fluid User Interface key concepts page that is available on the PeopleSoft Information Portal. This PeopleSoft page has links and content for everything Fluid. One of the most useful links is the listing of everything that is available in HCM and FSCM in fluid.   The exact page can be found here.

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