Accounts Payable Fluid WorkCenter

Have you noticed the Accounts Payable Fluid WorkCenter? The Accounts Payable Fluid WorkCenter is newer with the latest PeopleSoft Images. The Accounts Payable Fluid WorkCenter really increases the functionality of WorkCenters to mobile devices – enabling users to extend their work beyond the office computer. Below is a list of all the Accounts Payable Fluid WorkCenter Pages. Each page description is a direct link to the page in PeopleBooks.

Fluid Page Image Delivered
Accounting Tag Page Image 22
Payables WorkCenter Page (Fluid) Image 23
Payment Request Center Page Image 18
Review Messages Page Image 18
Payment Request Details Page Image 18
Summary Page Image 18
Supplier Page Image 18
Invoice Details Page Image 18
Accounting Details Page Image 18
Review and Submit Page Image 18
Payment Request Page Image 20
Voucher Page Image 20

There is a lot of useful information on the Fluid User Interface key concepts page that is available on the PeopleSoft Information Portal. This PeopleSoft page has links and content for everything Fluid. One of the most useful links is the listing of everything that is available in HCM and FSCM in Fluid.   The exact page can be found here.

If you missed any of the preceding blogs regarding all things Fluid be sure to check out these links.

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