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PeopleSoft Business Process Flow vs. Text Based Documentation

PeopleSoft business process documentations is an often overlooked, but very important component to a project. There are a lot of different elements of an implementation or upgrade that get focus and attention: fit/gap, configuration, design, testing, training etc. Don’t get me wrong, all of these are key to a successful project. But having your business processes fully defined and documented makes future upgrades easier, saving time and money for our clients. But it also is good from a day-to-day operations perspective for employees to access the documentation, new hires etc.

When it comes to documentation for a PeopleSoft implementation or upgrade, there are several options to utilize and take advantage of:

  • Delivered PeopleSoft Business Process Flows
  • Text Based PeopleSoft Delivered Business Process Flows
  • UPK
  • Level 4 and Level 6 Business Process Flows

PeopleSoft Business Process Flows

Delivered with the software, PeopleSoft provides flow-based business process documentation that is based upon user role. Additionally users can drill down into more detailed processes. An example of a delivered process flow is below. You can see the role on the left side of the flow and then the details in each swim lane. Boxes that have hyperlinks allow you to drill down further into business processes. There is a major advantage and disadvantage of using the delivered business process flows. The advantage is that they are supplied by PeopleSoft and updated by PeopleSoft when products are updated. The disadvantage is that if your implementation is customized, the flows are not provided in a native format and must be recreated in order to represent any custom work.

Business Documentation #1

PeopleSoft Text Based Business Documentation

Also delivered with the software are text based business documentation. Like the business process flows, these are updated when the software is updated. With the text based documentation, you can cut and paste this content into word documents more easily allowing you to make adjustments for any customizations. Additionally, you can update the hyperlinks directly to on-line PeopleBooks for the relevant content. This provides users additional information as provided by PeopleBooks.

Business Documentation #2

Stay tuned when next week we will cover UPK and Level 4 & Level 6 documentation and compare all four options.

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