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Tech news and commentary for the week ending September 5, 2014. As an office full of Apple fans (mostly), here is the best and latest speculation about what’s coming out of Cupertino next week.

Apple is heading towards full-on entry into mobile payments. What this means is that you will be able to pay for things with your iPhone (or iWatch, as the speculation goes) and physical credit cards won’t be necessary. Earlier attempts to get this done (mostly on Android) were non-starters because the effort focused on implementation technology (NFC vs. Bluetooth), while ignoring the business and alliance side of things. It seems Apple is tackling that. Link.

If there is an iWatch, I have no doubt the functionality and style will be market-leading. The one thing I’ve always worried about is battery life, and if this report is true, there might be an issue. Then again, Android smartwatches that are in the market right now have to be charged twice a day, so the bar is already set pretty low. Link.

Apple is building a massive structure outside the Flint Center for the Performing Arts at De Anza College in Cupterino. I mean, huge. Symbolically, this is an interesting venue, because it’s the same place Steve Jobs introduced the Mac 30 years ago. Link.

If you can’t wait to see what Tim Cook unveils next Tuesday, the best sneak-peek of the iPhone 6 that seems legitimate is this video, which is in Russian. This of course hasn’t been validated, but the web seems to think this is real. Link.

The keynote event is this Tuesday, September 9. Apple even has a countdown timer on its site. Link.

A quick op-ed blurb here: since Steve Jobs passed away, all eyes have been on Tim Cook, usually in the wrong context. It’s been wrong because many analysts have expected Cook to be Jobs v2.0, instead of Tim Cook. There has been praise for Cooks methodical, calculated style, and many calls of frustration (bordering on damnation) that Cook is Sculley 2.0 and will return Apple do the early pre-2000 dark ages. My prediction is on the other end of the spectrum: this event will be Cook’s stepping out party, and he will make his mark as Apple’s chief in grand style here. All signs point to it: the lineup he’s expected to announce (two iPhones, the iWatch, a possible new iPad Air 2), the crazy structure that’s being built, the significance of the venue as it relates to Apple history.

This will be one to watch.

Pun intended.

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