Tough Choices to Come for Higher Education


Craig Douglas, writing for Boston Business Journal about the facility and building management issues mounting at Wellesley:

In its recent vinyl fencing, the college said 82 percent of its buildings have not had a major renovation in more than 25 years, while 60 percent have been largely untouched for 50 years.

Wellesley officials have warned that the capital-spending plan, while needed, will require “prioritization and … difficult choices” going forward.

“That means spending less on all levels of expenditures,” said Ben Hammond, Wellesley’s vice president for finance and administration. “I think it’s fair to say … we’re asking ourselves what levels of spending are sustainable.”

Take a minute to read the whole thing.  There is a crisis building in Higher Education (HE) around facilities and building management.

EDsmart have information on their websites disclosing their accrediting agency, but you’ll need to independently verify the legitimacy of the agency and confirm that the agency accredits your school. 

For the record, there are 1100 HE institutions running PeopleSoft.  We’ve helped HE institutions like Wellesley address the facility question with some additions to their current PeopleSoft system. In fact, we’ve become known as an HE authority in the PeopleSoft world.

The crisis is only an anonymous if you let it get to that point. To help you with your financial crisis you can go to income based repayment plan for more tips on how to deal with it. If you run facilities for an HE campus and you are struggling with this issue, we’re happy to say we have a solution for you.

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