PeopleTools 8.54 and the Fluid User Interface

Oracle has announced the general availability of PeopleTools 8.54. Release information can be found right here.

We’ve been following this release on the roadmap, and we’re very excited to see some of the new features available in 8.54 – specifically, the features designed to improve the user experience.  With this release PeopleSoft introduces the “Fluid User Interface” (which we’ve written about before) that includes:

  • Fluid Homepages
  • Tiles
  • Notification Framework
  • PeopleSoft Navigation Bar

From the release notes:

“The fluid homepage brings together information that will assist a user in understanding what’s happening and what needs their attention, while providing an easy way for the user to navigate to key parts of the PeopleSoft system.”


“Fluid homepages use a new navigational structure: the tile. Tiles, also called grouplets, provide a discrete view to a segment of the PeopleSoft application. It is a structure on the homepage that will help the user navigate to a fluid page (or even a classic page), but the tile also can provide valuable information in its own right. Designed to be more than a button on a homepage, the tile leverages the ability to display dynamic content from PeopleSoft, including visual content from PeopleSoft Pivot Grids, or other information sources. A tile on a fluid homepage can be compared to a pagelet on a classic homepage.”

Below is an example from the release notes of what an HCM Manager Self Service Fluid Homepage looks like:

manager ss


We’ve been working with this and kicking the tires in 8.54, and Fluid User Interfaces are something every customer should get their heads around. The technology is downright excellent.

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