VIDEO: PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface, Featuring Willie Suh


A couple of weeks ago we highlighted some information by Anoop Savio about a pretty exciting new feature coming for PeopleSoft: the Fluid User Interface.

I’d like to follow that up with a video by Oracle in which PeopleSoft Senior Director Marc Weintraub interviews Willie Suh, Vice President of PeopleTools Development. It’s a great explanation of the purpose behind the PeopleSoft Fluid Interface functionality: essentially, in this day and age, people expect simple, intuitive interfaces for everything they do. Suh explains good interfaces in everyday life: phone navigation systems (and how they’re often better than the built-in $2,000 navigation systems found in many cars), and thermostats, whose interfaces, up until the Nest, have been Byzantine beyond reason.

Interfaces are not just for computer apps anymore: they’re for phones, appliances, and tablets. Having a smart fluid interface capability makes or breaks your user experience.

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