Cool Tools You Can Use: Validation Templates for PeopleSoft Contracts Processes

For PeopleSoft Apps Strategy, Oracle’s Mark Rosenberg kicks off a new blog series called Cool Tools You Can Use. Headed up by PeopleSoft product management team, the series will be based on conversations Oracle had with PeopleSoft community members. The theme of this particular series is highlighting existing solutions to problems customers are trying to address. In other words, cool functionality that you can use today, free of charge, that you might not know about.

Up first: Templates for PeopleSoft Contracts Processes.

The business issue our customers highlighted to us is the need to tightly control but easily configure and manage the scope of data that any user can process when initiating a process. Control of each user’s span of impact is essential to reducing billing reconciliation issues, passing span of authority audits, and reducing (or even eliminating) the frequency of unexpected process results. 

Check out the whole thing. Great information. This is going to be a good series.


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