Focus, Passion and Protecting Your Brand

If you know us, or you’ve read this blog before – or, heck, even read our tagline – you know we’re big into three things:

  1. Focus
  2. Passion
  3. Doing what’s right, even when it’s hard

We’ve grown MIPRO by relentlessly following these guiding principles, and it’s been incredibly rewarding. Challenging at times, but nonetheless very rewarding.

Because sometimes, to achieve a culture that actually reflects your values and doesnt just end up cute marketing copy, you have to make some tough decisions.

We have said no to many, many things that could have expanded our service portfolio.

We’ve had packaged service ideas that were initially exciting, but dropped once we realized they would pull our team in a direction in which we weren’t 100% invested.

We have dropped service lines that became at odds with our values, direction and culture.

We have told clients that they don’t need certain projects when they were waving money in our face and telling us they do.

There are dozens of good Oracle PeopleSoft consulting firms out there. We don’t think for one second we’re the only game in town.

But we are the only game that has such a focus and absolute resolve to be the very best PeopleSoft consulting firm out there. Full stop.

We know living by such a focus and sticking to one passion is easy to say on a website, but hard to actually do.

That’s why when we noticed that 37signals is rebranding to Basecamp and focusing exclusively on Basecamp as what will be its only actively-developed long-term product, we applauded. It’s a big change for a big player, but 37signals has always been one to protect its brand, employees and clients by saying no when others would say yes.


So bravo to 37signals, now just Basecamp, on making a bold move that will help you grow your biggest winner, customer base, and internal culture.

Heck, even the announcement is done right. You can read it here, plus get all the details I’m not mentioning.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

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