How Does ERP in Fiji Sound?

My flight from L.A. to Detroit via Las Vegas with a non-scheduled fuel stop in Milwaukee took about twice as long as planned. Some people said I could have flown to New York and beyond in that time. I said in another hour and a half I could have been in Fiji if I’d been headed West instead of East.

That got me thinking about the trip my wife and I took to Fiji to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. Got me thinking about the possibility of implementing ERP systems in Fiji, just in case I might move there someday. A place where ERP is probably the last thing they need, at least on the outer islands.

ERP in Australia, sure, New Zealand probably, but Fiji? If Fijians had ERP systems they would surely be a non-traditional ERP meaning Extremely Relaxed People that are Enthusiastic, Responsible, and Productive. Why can’t that be the case for all of us? Quite honestly, that’s exactly the attitude and culture at MIRPO that drew me here. From my first interview to my last, MIPRO repeated the same value cornerstones to me: Teamwork. Do what’s right, even if it’s hard. Focus. Be passionate about what you do, because we aim to be the best every day.

The Fijian are people who enjoy being in their environment, respecting their families and friends and just plain having a good time in life. Our guide would come to work a little hung over from a late night kava party but still, willing and happy to take care of his guests. (See? Doing the right thing!)

They rise every morning caring for their guests, again doing what is right for them. It’s a hospitality culture. Nobody has to tell them what to do. They see a child who’s a little unhappy and they start to play with her or pick her up and carry her around the village. (While letting the parents know what’s happening, of course). Or run and get a beer for a guest who’s laying the water and doesn’t want to get out to get it himself.

It’s very difficult to say goodbye to these people and their islands.

So what about ERP in Fiji? My experience there reminded me of ERP projects where you wouldn’t know that the project team was comprised of different groups – the client’s people and the consultants. All were focused on the success of the project – not on each other’s differences. A true cooperative culture, no divides, no silly, shallow conflicts. MIPRO has been part of plenty of projects that sail that smoothly, and I can’t help but be reminded of the Fijian people. Strange connection? Maybe. But when a project goes well, that’s the sort of feeling you have.

So yes, ERP in Fiji. Maybe not literally, but figuratively for sure.

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