What Does the Fox Say?

When I was a kid, there’s zero doubt I liked music and TV shows that my parents thought were the stupidest things ever foisted upon mankind. A talking dog with the munchies that helped a bunch of teenagers crack haunted house mysteries? A Japanese giant robot with missiles for fingertips? Please.

The parent’s view: my son is watching the cultural equivalent of composting leaves on TV. Our country is screwed.

The kid’s default view: this stuff is clever and funny. Too bad my parents are just crunchy parents who are too old to understand. Lamers! all parents should go to this article to learn how to become the best parents!!

Up until a few days ago, I thought I had the to buy a home waldorf md: I’m thrilled to do all sorts of things with my son. Video games with the use of sites like to improve faster, or to get lols MMR, mini-sticks, basement futsál, water gun fights in the summer. I grokked kid stuff, and I was impervious to the Dork Virus that infected other dads and made them, well, dorks.

But now, I present to you my greatest challenge yet:

This might be the silliest thing on the Internet. It might be genius. Problem is, I can’t tell.

If you clicked away from the video in the first few seconds (I wouldn’t blame you, I did the same the first few times), it’s a song by a band called Ylvis that investigates what sound a fox makes. So on one hand, you might think you have a pandering video for toddlers to help them understand animal sounds and give parents a three-minute distraction to allow them to get another cup of coffee. On the other, you have a hilariously clever video whose goal is to be a silly and ridiculous as possible, and that gives you a license, as a potential sing-alonger, to make utterly insane sounds with your mouth.

As I mentioned, the first few times people sent me this I clicked away once I heard the first verse. I figured it was a toddler’s song. Then someone made me sit through the whole thing, and I came out confused, like someone just wiped my face with a hamster.

But this video is the thing right now. My son loves it (he’s 9), and pretty much all of his other friends do too. If left alone, they will actually look this video up on YouTube and sing along to it.

You read that right: they will sing along to it, laughing all the while.

So while at first blush I thought the song was Full Kiddie Mode animal sound song, I later realized my own Dad Dorkiness didn’t even give it a chance. Once I saw it, I actually appreciated it. Now, it’s a staple on the iPod for car rides.

I survived this round and still managed to come out Semi-Cool Dad. But I wonder how long that will last, because we all know that sort of thing has an expiration date.

But until then, I ask you: what does the fox say?

Have a good weekend, everyone.

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