On Finding the Balance Between ERP and SaaS

Recently, Naomi Bloom commented via Twitter on our blog post entitled, 7 Ingredients That Make or Break a PeopleSoft Upgrade:


We felt it deserved a longer reply than Twitter affords, so here is our President’s response:

Your comment implies that everyone is SaaS-ready or willing to ignore the investments they have made over decades.  If you want to post a comment regarding our blog, make it relevant to the market instead of degrading a solution that is embraced in the market and will be for many years to come. Over time, corporations will find the balance between ERP, SaaS or a blended model that fits their business needs.

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  1. I guess I hit a nerve, but I was really making a simple point and using a famous highway sign to do it: “if you lived here, you’d be home already.” My point was simply that SaaS eliminates a big chunk of the work of upgrades, and I believe that’s one of the business benefits of the SaaS model for end-users. In the mid-80’s, the gold standard in enterprise HRMS was mainframe architecture Tesseract. By the mid-90’s, client server PeopleSoft had become the gold standard, and it held that title well into the 2000s. But nothing lasts forever, and true SaaS is now the momentum play in HRMS/TM, as evidenced by Oracle’s commitment to Fusion. Such is life.

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