Oracle Hosts PeopleSoft Customer Advisory Board

Oracle’s John Webb, writing for PeopleSoft Apps Strategy:

The PeopleSoft Customer Advisory Boards met last week at the Oracle Conference Center in Redwood Shores. Over 180 customer attendees representing 113 member companies participated as well as our partner sponsors for the CAB: Accenture, Grey Heller, Infosys,  MIPRO and SmartERP.   The CAB included three days of  product breakouts, round tables and keynotes covering the PeopleSoft roadmap and customer feedback across HCM, Financials, ESA, ALM, Procurement and Technology. In addition there were customer presentations covering  best practice topics such as leveraging the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub and using org modeling as a strategic planning tool. Customers were also provided deeper insight into the newly delivered PeopleSoft 9.2  with focus on  lifecycle management tools using the PeopleSoft Update Manager. The event was well received by customers. Rich Harvey, from Boise, summed up the experience this way:

“The recent PeopleSoft Customer Advisory Board meeting showed just how deep Oracle’s commitment is to both the product line and the customers of PeopleSoft. The CAB is just one of the many venues available to the PeopleSoft customer to discuss and offer observations about the PeopleSoft product line and Oracle’s strategy. Although PeopleSoft 9.2 was just recently released with its own set of increased functionality, new technologies and substantial improvement to the end user experience, PeopleSoft gave the CAB a view of the future. The exciting part of looking at the future enhancements to functionality, technology and end user experience is the realization that the customer may not need to wait for these until the next major release.  The new capability,  PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM), will allow customers to incorporate new functionality into PeopleSoft 9.2 when they become available in a manner much easier than the past methodology. PeopleSoft never left, always delivered value – but hey, they are here in a big way.”  

We indeed were invited to attend the 2013 Customer Advisory Board (CAB), and it was beyond useful. Suffice to say that Oracle is investing in PeopleSoft in a massive way, and its future is brighter than you can possibly imagine. What’s more, you can glimpse the direction Oracle is taking PeopleSoft in with version 9.2, which provides a user experience that’s absolutely the best PeopleSoft has ever offered.

PeopleSoft is flourishing in exciting ways. There’s no other way to summarize what we saw at the CAB.

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