Tips on Deploying Secure Enterprise Search with PeopleSoft

Here’s Matthew Haavisto on the Oracle PeopleSoft Technology Blog with some good information about a topic we hear about with regularity, given Secure Enterprise Search is a new and powerful tool under PeopleSoft 9.2.

Oracle’s Secure Enterprise Search is part of PeopleSoft now.  It is provided as part of the Peopltools platform as an appliance, and is used with applications starting with release 9.2.  Secure Enterprise Search is a rich and powerful search product that can enhance search and navigation in PeopleSoft applications.  It also provides useful features like facets and filtering that are common in consumer search engines.

Several questions have arisen about the deployment of SES and how to administer it and insure optimum performance.  People have also asked about what versions are supported on various platforms.  To address the most common of these questions, we are posting this list of tips.

Great information and recommendations about platform support and architecture. You should check it out. A good search appliance makes for infinitely better apps and navigation.

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