Casual Friday: Linkology, or Stuff You Don’t Want to Miss

Some stuff I found while looking around this week. I have to share all this because my ‘Saved For Later’ tab in Feedly is getting obnoxious.

Here is a 14-year-old girl absolutely nailing Van Halen’s “Eruption”. This is amazing to be because not only is she 14 and plays it perfectly, but also because I have tried to play guitar before, and even after much practice I make sounds come out of the guitar that would typically require a chainsaw. I’m awful.

Exactly my feelings on Google Glass — and I suppose all wearable computing options that are sure to trickle down to us within the next 24 months or so. We all see what smartphones have done to us in terms of social OCD and internet/data addictive tendencies; what will wearable devices inflict on us socially? Despite being a gigantic nerd, I have tremendous reservations about living in a world where everyone has a camera strapped to their face. But that’s another blog post.

A few months ago, Drew Sheppard created a seriously-cool, layered, animated GIF of Yu Darvish’s pitching delivery style. It was a smashing hit (no pun intended), and it proliferated all over major baseball sites within hours. Now, Sheppard has done this Detroit crowd proud: he has given Miguel Cabrera the same treatment. This time, Sheppard illustrates Cabrera’s amazing plate coverage and his ability to hit homers from just about anywhere inside the strike zone. I’m not a huge baseball fan, but this is pretty impressive.

Tim Knoll is a bike prodigy, and his street tricks make the street-long wheelies I used to do look positively lame. Check this out:

Saving the Long Island Iced Tea. Sure, it’s a retro drink that never earned retro appeal, and it’s been cornered as a trashy drink ever since its fall from grace. Can this bring it back?

Apple’s Tim Cook kicked off D11, this year’s AllThingsD executive conference. As usual, he was full of interesting things to say, but he didn’t tip any hats worth tipping (WWDC is two weeks away, and that’s when the future of iOS and OSX will be revealed. Those are the hats.). Here is the transcript. Related: Tim Cook explaining why he isn’t freaked out about market share.

A new site I find deadly accurate: The Sweethome. What is it? Brought to you by the same folks who cooked up The Wirecutter (a directory of the best personal tech/gadgets), The Sweethome is a listing of the very best household appliances, utilities and tools. Want to know what the best ice cube tray is? Nail clippers? Cordless drill for household projects? The Sweethome has great picks, and quite a few that are less expensive, high-quality items. Give it a look.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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