The Power of Google Now

Here’s Jamie of 37signals telling a story about Google Now, Google’s digital assistant found on Android phones running Android 4.1.x or higher:

I hate being late for appointments. I got that from my father. He’s been drilling that punctuality sermon into me since I was young.

My wife, on the other hand, seems to have no problem leaving for a 10am appointment at 9:59am. I love her, but it drives me nuts.

My wife hates being early. I hate being late.

Last night we had a reservation at a restaurant—Geja’s Cafe. Geja’s is located in a congested part of the city. Traffic can be unpredictable. Throw “rush hour” into the mix—I’m thinking of leaving 1 hour before our reserved time.

Read the whole thing for the kicker.

Google Now is truly astonishing. When you first use it, it seems almost pedestrian, but the more you use your phone, the more it learns about you and starts offering predictive ‘cards’. In my experience, Google Now beats Siri and just about every task you throw at it. Here’s Google Now’s main product page. Check it out.

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