A Tour of Volkswagen’s ‘Transparent Factory’

I remember going to the Detroit Rouge Ford Factory when I was a kid. That fascinated me: the sheer scale of such large things being made at such a rate with automation that seemed from the future was astonishing to a developing mind. It seemed as if giants ran the factory. (One did, in fact: Henry Ford.)

Fast forward to present. The below video is a tour of Volkswagen’s ‘transparent factory’, and it, too, seems like it’s straight out of the future. VW is Europe’s largest automaker — in fact it’s the world’s largest automaker by profits, second only to GM in units sold — and its transparent factory is  just that: transparent. There’s nothing you can’t see, no process that’s hidden. There’s metal, glass and every worker wears white, right down to their fingertips.

As a guy who spent most of his life growing up in the Motor City, I remain fascinated by things like this.

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