Casual Friday: Sending You Into the Holiday Season With…Well, Whatever This Is

Today’s Friday post is going to be even more incoherent than most, but most of the time you guys trudge happily (?) along with me. I’m amazed by that. You guys are gluttons.

Anyway, check this stuff out.

Holiday Posting Schedule

Until January, posts will be light here on MIPRO Unfiltered. We will be posting shorter-form content and some stuff I personally find amusing (one of the benefits of being the blog editor), but that’s about it. You won’t see any of our regular PeopleSoft tech-heavy features. Stuff like that will be resuming in the new year.

Take some time, kick back, and enjoy (a) whatever downtime you have and (b) whatever ridiculous things I drink enough spiked eggnog to post.

Stuff to Keep You Fascinating

The holidays are a busy time. You will find yourselves in extended family/social situations, and you can only talk about football and vodka for so long. So I’ll give you some things to talk about so you can be the Conversation Muse. Resorting to this, of course, means you’ve become horribly, horribly desperate.

If you or a family member rock a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, heads up: there’s a nasty exploit in the wild. Take countermeasures.

If you write on your iPad (like I do, sometimes preferring it over a ‘real’ computer), this article will resonate with you – Dropbox: The Linchpin. Quick executive summary: the iPad’s writing popularity is deeply reliant on a technology (Dropbox) that Apple does not control and iCloud does not provide.

If you haven’t heard, Google Maps is now re-born on the iPhone, and it literally is as good as one purebred unicorn or 12 kittens of mixed breeds. Shames Apple Maps. Go get it.

An extensive evaluation of Bill Cosby’s sweaters.

A full list of iOS/OSX Emoji. Love the descriptions.

The Real Thing. If you don’t want this car, check your pulse.

A Final Word

When we started this blog over three years ago, it was, at best, an experiment. For the longest time, we got 30–60 unique visitors a month. We were maybe getting 300 pageviews.

700 posts later, we’re thrilled and still somewhat stunned that we have a dedicated readership. We’re over 5,000 unique visitors per month, and our pageviews are greater than 30,000. Like I say, thrilled and stunned. Mostly thrilled.

As the blog editor, I want to thank each and every one of our readers. You have made this blog into one of the most popular ERP/PeopleSoft/nerdery blogs on the web, and I only aim to improve.

To that end, if there’s something you’d like to see more or less of here on Unfiltered, let me know. Seriously, e-mail me. I want this to be a mix of relevant industry news and PeopleSoft expertise, but I also want it to be fun and interesting. If coming here begin to sound too much like a whitepaper or watercooler discussion gone bad, then I’m doing it wrong. I’m looking for balance, and if I’m off the mark, yell at me.

Until then, and on behalf of everyone at MIPRO, happy holidays. Be well.

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