An Executive Summary of Oracle’s PeopleSoft FSCM v9.2 Release Value Proposition (RVP)

Oracle’s PeopleSoft ALM, ESA, FMS, SCM, and SRM Release 9.2 Release Value Proposition

In July of 2012, Oracle published their Release Value Proposition (RVP) for PeopleSoft FSCM release 9.2. You can download it here (as usual, you’ll need your My Oracle Support ID to access the document). Like we said about HCM 9.2, we anticipate the general release of PeopleSoft FSCM V9.2 sometime early 2013.

The RVP is 117 pages. For the sake of summarization, we have analyzed and condensed the salient points from the FSCM RVP into a two-part executive summary.

Part I provides a bullet-pointed summary of the Financial Management Systems (FMS) and the Enterprise Services Automation (ESA) portions of the RVP.

Part II provides a similar easy-to-read summary of the Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) portions of the RVP.

Please enjoy and share with anyone who might be interested in what the PeopleSoft FSCM 9.2 suite will bring to the table next year.

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  1. WIlliam Grafton says:

    Currently, payroll analyst use online checks to model paychecks. If the analyst gets an error or forgets to delete the check, the payroll calculation job may error or an employee may be paid in error. While, most of us payroll analyst types will not admit it, many of us have made this mistake. Paycheck modeling will mitigate this issue and provide a separation of duty between individuals that can model checks versus create online checks. I currently went thru an internal audit and this happened to be a hot subject.

    Paycheck Modeling also empowers the employee with the ability to make payroll related decisions without calling the Payroll Department or HelpDesk. The end result is to increase employee satisfaction while reducing the workload of the Payroll Department.

    Through employee self service, Paycheck Modeling will be used to calculate “what if” situations. There are many reasons why an employee may want to use Paycheck Modeling. Some of those reasons are:
    • The employee is due a Bonus or a Commission and would like to estimate the net take home pay.
    • The employee received a large IRS refund and would like to adjust their withholding status accordingly and estimate the net take home pay.
    • The employee would like to modify various benefit costs to determine net take home pay during Open Enrollment or a Life Event change.

    Employees will also be able to print the modeled check and/or print the changes made. The printed modeled check will not contain the employee name, social security number or employee id and will be watermarked to assure the printed version cannot be used to misrepresent a real paycheck.

    I have been asking for this for over 10 years. I am really looking forward to the 9.2 upgrade projects!

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