MIPRO’s Presentation Session Voted Best of Show at Reconnect 2012

Larry Zagata, our VP of Solution Delivery, received this card in the mail recently. It’s a handwritten congratulations card from the folks at Quest/Reconnect 2012 telling him that his session (called Utilizing Native PeopleTools for Improved Business Intelligence) was the highest-ranked session of the entire show. That’s exciting, especially considering the very high caliber of session presentations at Reconnect and the fact that it’s a strongly PeopleSoft-centric show.

Great job, Larry!

(Click to enlarge)

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know Larry is a top contributor. If you’re wishing you could learn more about this topic, Larry has written two posts that may be of interest:

(Editor’s note: We’re coming up on the Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S., so posting will be light for the remainder of the week. We’d like to take a quick second to say thanks to everyone for reading this blog. Without our readership — which has ballooned past anyone’s reasonable expectations — this blog is nothing. Thanks again. Happy Thanksgiving!)

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