Casual Friday: The Best of the Internet, or, Stuff I Found While Clicking Around

Oh, one of these, you say? A post with a bunch of links that may or may not be esoteric or useful to me, but you still presume I will click them because you think your curation skills are so deep and broad that what you cull from the Internet at large will actually be interesting to me? Is that the arrogant presumption your making again this week? Do you not have time to be creative? ANSWER ME RIGHT NOW.

Yep, yep and nope. Guilty as charged.

It’s been a bananas week. I thought about writing a post about how busy it’s been, and how sometimes the the office world needs to be crumpled up and thrown in some metaphysical trash bin, but then I realized I’m talking to a bunch of seasoned and harried IT pros and I’d come across as pretty dumb and/or naîve and/or ridiculous. All of which may or may not be the case. It’s hard to tell right now, but the smart money is on the former.

Anyhow. So. Hi.

I could tell you a story about a cat or my son or a project Jeep I just bought (a 2005 LJ, thanks for asking) and hope to rebuild over the winter, but I’ll save those for another time when my brain isn’t pegging its CPU just to type these words. Why? You deserve better. And you look handsome/beautiful today. Really.

Here are some things I found interesting this week. I’m sure you will to. Just trust what’s coming out of my fingers now, okay?

Paul Jaminet, bless his soul, has figured out the optimal dose of chocolate for good health. Yes, you read that right. Why are you still here?

The theory of hormesis states that certain acute (not chronic) stressors can actually be beneficial for your fitness and health. Wha? Is that gibberish? Nope, but pay attention to acute vs. chronic. Here’s Mark Sisson explaining more.

Are you a Princess Bride nerd? (If not you should be.) Then get a load of this collection of genius: last week on NFL Kickoff on ESPN, the hosts crammed as many Princess Bride references as they could into a half-hour. Result? Hilarious. Here’s the video. See if you can catch them all, nerds. (I did.) (No gloating intended, mind you.) (Well, maybe a little.)

Marco Arment talks about the best LED light bulbs on the market. You might think this is nitpicky, but it’s not. Choosing poor products for everyday functions adds up to a lifestyle effect, and light bulbs are a key piece of your environment and ambiance at home or in the office. Choose them wisely.

Finally, I present to you, the world’s coolest flight attendant. Southwest, give this guy a raise.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

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