PeopleSoft Real Estate Management Overview, Part 1

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As many of our readers know, MIPRO is a leading implementer of PeopleSoft ALM which includes Maintenance Management, IT Asset Management and Real Estate Management.  While MIPRO is the foremost expert in PeopleSoft ALM, it is interesting that many organizations who already own PeopleSoft and have in production many of the integrated components to these ALM products, really don’t understand their existence in the market or their capabilities. Over the next few weeks Steven Brenner (a MIPRO Senior Principal Consultant) and I will create a series of blogs which will highlight some of the capabilities and provide an overview of PeopleSoft Real Estate Management.


From PeopleBooks, the following diagram outlines the PeopleSoft Real Estate Management business processes including site acquisition, lease administration, financial processing and space management.  We’ll cover some of these business process areas over the next few weeks.

Also from PeopleBooks, the following graphic illustrates how PeopleSoft Real Estate Management integrates seamlessly with other PeopleSoft modules, and it is these integration points that are key to understanding the major value proposition of the PeopleSoft REM product.  One can clearly see the number of integrations to external applications that would be required utilizing a third party Real Estate Management solution.  With PeopleSoft’s fully integrated suite, those integrations are not necessary, saving significant dollars on design, development and maintenance.

(click to enlarge)

Another way to depict the functionality of Real Estate Management is to show the Real Estate Management Center (REMC) within the application itself.  THE REMC allows the user to access primary Real Estate menu options as well as pages pertinent to administering leases from other PeopleSoft applications.

(click to enlarge)

Utilizing the key subject areas within the REMC as our guide, we will provide a high level overview of the capabilities of Real Estate Management opening the doors to what value this product can provide to any organization that either leases significant space or leases out significant space.

Stay tuned, more to follow.

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