Dear Mark Zuckerberg

Dalton Caldwell:

Mark, I don’t believe that the humans working at Facebook or Twitter want to do the wrong thing. The problem is, employees at Facebook and Twitter are watching your stock price fall, and that is causing them to freak out. Your company, and Twitter, have demonstrably proven that they are willing to screw with users and 3rd-party developer ecosystems, all in the name of ad-revenue. Once you start down the slippery-slope of messing with developers and users, I don’t have any confidence you will stop.

The entire thing is worth a read, as it highlights the new mission of the post-IPO Facebook: to generate ad revenue to support a stock price, even if it means entering into antagonistic relationships with developers of the ‘platform.’

This isn’t how Facebook started. It was originally a ‘social utility,’ not something that behaves like a media company.

The final sentence in Caldwell’s letter is spot-on: Zuckerberg is indeed in a very challenging position right now.

Who — or what — is Facebook going to be?

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