What Would Happen If You Tried to Hit a Baseball Pitched at 90% the Speed of Light?

Amazing and entirely amusing explanation of what would happen, brought to you by the fine folks behind xkcd (my favorite webcomic).

If you like sports and have a single nerd bone in your body, don’t miss this. Here’s an excerpt:

When it reaches the batter, the center of the cloud is still moving at an appreciable fraction of the speed of light. It hits the bat first, but then the batter, plate, and catcher are all scooped up and carried backward through the backstop as they disintegrate. The shell of x-rays and superheated plasma expands outward and upward, swallowing the backstop, both teams, the stands, and the surrounding neighborhood—all in the first microsecond.

And you thought Goose Gossage threw some heat.

Read the entire explanation here.

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