Flash DEMO: OBIEE Exalytics for Retail

Previously, we have discussed the real power of BI — making business decisions out of the oodles (that’s a technical term for a lot) of data within organizations), embedding BI into the business process and processing that data extremely quickly and efficiently.

So, while we have talked about it and tried to explain the concepts and value, there is nothing like seeing it in action.  To that end, Oracle has put together a very nice flash demo of OBIEE Exalytics in a retail environment.  The example is easy to understand and shows the power of BI and using it to properly “manage” the business (remember our adage, ERP allows you to “run” your business, but BI allows you to “manage” it).  It is clear to see how BI can positively influence inventory levels, then sales, then the profit potential of this company.

Check out the demo here, and as always, email me if this is something of interest to you.


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