PeopleSoft 9.1 Feature Highlight: Forms and Approval Builder


PeopleSoft Forms and Approval Builder is part of Common Components 9.1, therefore available for use throughout all of the PeopleSoft HCM and FMS modules.  It allows a business analyst or other non-developer PeopleSoft application expert to create simple forms and establish an approval for the content.


Begin with creating the form using the Design Form Wizard.

Navigation:  Main Menu > Enterprise Components > Forms > Design a Form

  1. Basic Information – enter information about the form, including effective date and a description.
  2. Instructions – enter instructions that will be available for users accessing the form.
  3. Form Fields – enter the fields that will be available for users accessing the form.  Fields of a variety of data types are displayed in one or two columns.  You can enter a short and long label, indicate if a field is required, designate a prompt record, and define a prompt control for the field against an existing field and record.
  4. Attachments – indicate if any attachments should be made available to users accessing the form, for example a policy or template document.
  5. Publish to a Menu – designate where the form should be accessed on the PeopleSoft menu.
  6. Approval Process – designate the chain of approval the form should go through, if needed, and if the fields on the form should be locked down after submission, approval, or not at all.

After creating the form, it can be previewed in design mode, prior to activation onto the PeopleSoft menu.  Activate the form to make it available to users on the menu as designated.

When a user accesses a form, three tabs are available.

  1. Form
  2. Instructions – displays the instructions entered during form creation.
  3. Attachments – provides access to any attachments assigned during form creation and allows the user to upload a form as well.

As an added bonus, you can connect data collected on a form to one or more component interfaces in an effort to eliminate redundant data entry.  (Example:  new vendor request form can feed into adding a vendor.)

Note, this feature intended only for the creation of new records through a simple single page front end, not maintaining them.

I hope you have found this introduction to Forms Builder helpful.  I believe this is a powerful, yet simple feature you can leverage to either remove custom pages or automate currently manual processes to stretch your PeopleSoft investment even further. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m always happy to chat.


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8 Responses

  1. krishna says:

    I am also having the issue which Samantha is facing. Can some one please help me

  2. bharathi says:


    Anybody has knowledge on how to take a back up of forms once i create form? please let me know…i wanted to take a back of my forms whatever i created today…. since refreshment will happen frequently…


    please email me at at asap basis.

  3. Stephen says:

    Today was my first day trying to create a form. I want to set up a prompt to bring in employee names but when I add a PS table that contains the names, I cannot add the NAME field. What am I not doing or what am I overlooking? Can someone please point me in the right direction? Many thanks.

  4. Hi Andrea,

    Yes, the Forms and Approval Builder does allow you to store forms after approval. This can be accomplished by associating form fields to Component Interfaces. This will allow you to use the forms to update back end tables. These tables then be reported of by using any of the associated Reporting Tools.

    Hope this helps!

  5. Andrea Tovbis says:

    Hello, does the Forms and Approval Builder have the functionality
    to store forms after approved. Also after a form is created, can you use query tool to report information? Thank you.

  6. Mike says:


    I’m running into the same problem, however, I’ve noticed that when a form is “Saved”, the fields are actually capturing the selection, even though it looks like they are cleared out.

    One other problem that I’m running into is that I can’t modify any of the fields once a form has been activated; even if no forms have been submitted for that particular “Form”. This becomes problematic if I notice after I have activated a form, that a field character length isn’t long enough, or I want to change a field type to a prompt. I’m guessing I’m only going to be able to get around this by having a technical developer hard code fix something.

    Would love to chat with anyone that has found work-arounds for these kinds of issues.

  7. craig says:

    Samantha – I’m having the same issues with emplid and dept. Did you get this to work?

  8. Samantha says:

    I am testing the 9.1 Forms and cannot get any of the prompts to work. I have tried Emplid, Department, Name, phone – I finally got the department to show up in the prompt list but when I select it, the field clears out. The emplid from the employees table selects the empl_rcd number field and not the ID and clears out the value after you select an id. There are no specifics about what tables you can and cannot use nor their key structure. I must be missing something.

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