Linkology: The Best of the Internet for 9/23/11

I’m traveling during this week and next, so because of that, the next few Friday posts are going to seem…um…random. I’m typing this post on my iPhone (not really) in a cold European coffee shop (no), and the Internet connection is unreliable (not true). So before my iPhone battery dies (lie) or the dampness fries the wireless connection (totally false), here are some links with expanded commentary.

First: if this video doesn’t make you laugh, you are a monster. I’m being completely serious. If you or anyone you know has the power to watch this and not at least smile, be very afraid. Of yourself, or of your friends, of your colleagues. Doesn’t matter. This video should be part of some sociopath test that I’m just now making up in my own head in a cartoon brain-voice, which tends to happen a lot. I’ll pause for a moment and let the irony sink in.

Here is a dog balancing treats on its head. Dude is pretty Zen about it. There’s probably a lesson there somewhere.

Next time your doctor tosses some antibiotics at you in the hopes that they nip whatever it is that ails you, make certain you really need to be taking them. Why? A great deal of your immune system resides in your digestive tract and is comprised of ‘friendly’ bacteria, and antibiotics absolutely ravage it. In fact, Martin Blaser of New York University’s Langone Medical Center says “Early evidence from my lab and others hints that, sometimes, our friendly flora never fully recover.” Note the word never. Read more over at Wired.

Speaking of sociopaths (like that segue?), be very wary with people who don’t respond well to animals. Why? Because we’re wired to respond favorably to them.

Here is a woman with slabs of bacon tied to her feet standing in a gigantic skillet holding a huge spatula and smiling for a camera. The picture alone would be worth my linking to it, but there’s a story behind it too, one you should read. How can you resist?

Finally, here’s some seriously messed-up packaging design. Lemon-scented pancakes, anyone?

Have a good weekend, everyone.


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