Google Asks, ‘What Do You Love?’

Google has quietly unveiled a service called What Do You Love? which is essentially a way for a user to search on a topic and have results returned categorically, by Google product, and easily-parsible.  From playing with it for about ten minutes, it seems to be a result aggregator that includes results across a wide range of Google product/services: Images, Maps, Trends, News, Groups, Translate, Mobile, Chrome, Alerts, Earth, SketchUp, Blog Search, and so on.

For example, here’s what a search for ‘PeopleSoft’ returns.

For me, this is…cute.  For now, that’s the best word I can come up with. I don’t see it ever replacing my standard Google search behavior, and I’m already a power user of Google’s services, so I pretty much know their portfolio.  For users who only see Google as a search engine, or who are just now dipping their toes in more robust web apps, this is a great showcase for Google’s results displayed across a showcase for its myriad products.


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