Linkology: The Best of the Internet for 5/27/11


It’s a Friday before a holiday weekend and I’m not sure who’s reading, but the fact is I have embarrassingly little time to tell you about the time a bunch of us, when we were 10, went out into the woods and made spears out of dead saplings and began to wage a sort of medieval war with one another, and my buddy Shawn, wearing football pads for armor, had the unfair advantage of a wooden shield fashioned out of plywood, onto which he had used a soldering iron to inscribe his initials in thick black charcoal jags, and quite instantly this slapdash war turned into one of the Great Moments in my life, pure Lord of the Flies style, right up until a bunch of older teenagers (dirts) showed up at the top of our most tactically-important hill, at which point we spooked – even Shawn with the shield – and went back to another friend’s house to play Intellivision football until our thumbs became afflicted with blisters.

Yes, we were sissies.  And yes, the preceding paragraph was one sentence.  I get all Wallace/Pynchon before weekends during which I know huge, bacon-fetishist BBQs are imminent.

But before the sausage hits the grill, some links (get it?):

Here is a baby eating a cat’s tail.  Cuter than it sounds.

Amazon is now selling more Kindle books than print books.  This notion, once thought impossible, took less than 4 years.

Fool your eyes: the best optical illusions of 2011.

Finally, since probably nobody’s reading, here’s Maru the cat.

Have a good weekend everyone! Happy Memorial Day to all of our U.S. readers!


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