Linkology: The Best of the Internet for 4/15/11

Know This

Longer body, longer life?

Amazon introduces $114 ad-supported Kindle to combat Apple’s iPad.  A $25 discount to have your reading experience smattered with ads?  How about a free Kindle with ads?  That’s more like it.  I don’t see the $25 incentive as being anywhere near worth the intrusion of ads while you try to relax and read a book.

How prone are we these days to be quick to criticize?  Consider this little social experiment: someone posted the first page of David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest online to Yahoo Answers to solicit ‘feedback’ for ‘his’ book.  The crowd was ruthless.  The moral?  No matter how good something might be you post online, most people, hiding comfortably behind keyboards, will harshly criticize the work — even if it’s a page out of one of the best pieces of contemporary works of fiction ever written.

Clorox made the decision to drop BlackBerry in favor of phones employees want.  The company offered workers a choice of Apple’s iPhone, various Android models, and Windows 7 devices.  The result?  92% chose the iPhone.

$69 for a hot dog.  Not a joke.

Read This

The power of observing and talking to real humans.  Good stuff by Bob Sutton.

The new guy’s computer.  Great blog post by 37signal’s new hire Trevor about how he sets up a new Mac and the tools he can’t live without.  Total nerd fodder here.

Watch This

As part of his inventor expose, David Friedman profiled Steven Sasson, the creator of the now-ubiquitous digital camera.  Here’s the video.

This movie shows all Unicode characters (almost 50,000 of them) at a rate of one per frame for more than a half hour.  Did you have any idea there were so many?

Have a good weekend, everyone.


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