Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management

In previous blog posts (see here and here) and our Business Intelligence Manifesto whitepaper we have discussed the importance of aligning metrics and goals from top to bottom in the organization. Aligning metrics and goals allow the organization to measure its performance consistently against the key objectives of the entire organization. This means that every business unit, department and manager on down is in alignment to help drive the business to success. We discussed this alignment in the context of dashboards and metrics and ensuring they are in sync. We can now take this a step farther by introducing Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management.

From Oracle’s product page:

Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management extends the Oracle BI Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) with capabilities that enable strategic goals to be communicated across the organization and monitoring progress over time. Armed with this insight, employees can understand their impact on achieving success and align their actions accordingly. As they use scorecards to measure the outcome of their actions, they can quickly make adjustments as needed to successfully achieve the goals.


  • Organizational alignment — Provide a framework that organizes strategic thinking and performance measurement
  • Clarify and build consensus on strategic direction — Communicate strategy and measures of success
  • Align behavior and increase focus on priority initiatives — Ability to act on insights by invoking a business process from scorecards
  • Support strategic planning — Provide metric relationship analysis and organizational learning


This is a tremendously powerful (and welcome!) tool to help organizations extend Oracle BI and keep progress aligned with strategic goals over time.  Remember, BI’s job is to help the organization run more strategically and effectively.  Once you  make the investment in BI, you need to monitor performance, just as you would a key user-facing application you launch in production.  Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management is massively helpful in this regard.

Here’s an excellent Flash video showing a sample scenario in which Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management is used.  Very helpful in visualizing its role in your OBIEE practice.

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