Linkology: The Best of the Internet for 2/11/11

Just think: only nine more months until I can type 11/11/11 in the title of a Friday Linkology blog post.  Isn’t that exciting?

No?  In fact, you say, it’s the exact opposite of exciting?pointless

I actually agree, but I went with it because I usually lead into the Friday links with some sort of pointless preamble, and the date thing seemed to nail the pointless quota right out of the gate.

But, like every Friday, I do have some links for you. It’s prudent at this point to remind new readers that these links are selected by way of a proprietary algorithm that was developed in-house here at MIPRO, and what I mean by that is these are basically what I starred in Google Reader after drinking too much coffee and letting my 11th grade sense of humor dictate what you, the reader, will be subjected to on any given week.

Fancy?  You bet it is.  Completely flawed?  Double-down that bet!

The links, without further ado:

European PGA pros shoot at clay pigeons with golf balls.  I can’t tell if this is fake or not. If it isn’t, they went to pretty great lengths to make it seem authentic.

A trained statistician with degrees from MIT and Stanford tries to crack the scratch lottery code.  Best thing I read all week.  Long, but so worth it.

Weight of the world: a Washington Post interactive chart that shows the world’s gain in BMI (body mass index) since 1980.  Startling.  Someone tell me how we’re not trending towards Wall-E’s dystopian vision.

Science: bad food makes you stupid.

A short history of all the major, global disasters that have ever happened to Earth.  I can read stuff like this all day.  (Pretty sure that’s a character flaw.)

Finally, here is a picture of cat in a glass jar.

Have a good weekend, everyone.


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