[NEWS] MIPRO Consulting Selected to Help City of Fort Worth Audit ERP, Payroll Systems

by Jeff V. on January 27, 2011

We’re pleased to announce that we have been asked by the City of Fort Worth to assess and provide recommendations regarding the city’s ERP system as it transitions to a new payroll application.

From the Star-Telegram:

Fort Worth officials are confident that an abundance of overtime shifts during Super Bowl week will not create any new rough spots in the city’s transition to a new payroll system.

To that end — and to relieve any concerns about the efforts to fix payroll problems — officials announced Tuesday that the city will contract with MiPro Consulting to audit the enterprise resource planning system.

MiPro, recommended by the Police Officers Association, will cost the city less than $50,000. That announcement came less than three weeks after the council appropriated $1.8 million for an additional six months of consulting support from another company.

“We are making progress, no doubt about it,” said District 3 Councilman W.B. “Zim” Zimmerman, who gained experience converting payroll to the ERP system as a manager at Lockheed Martin. “When I came to the council and found out we were implementing ERP, I said this is not going to be easy.

“And it’s turned out that it’s not.”

Large-scale ERP migrations and upgrades are difficult in and of themselves.  What makes the Fort Worth project more challenging is that the complexity is compounded by the civic requirements the SuperBowl activity will place on the police force and other resources.

We’ve helped clients in tight spots before, and we’re pleased to be working with the City of Forth Worth now.  We appreciate and are honored by the confidence and trust that has been placed in our firm and people.


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