Linkology: The Best of the Internet for 1/14/11

Going to an awkward NFL playoff party this weekend?  Going to be stuck in a room with a guy who’s hard to talk to?  Not to worry – with everything we have for you today, you’ll be more than capable of talking to anyone for any length of time about a ridiculously incoherent sequence of subjects.  You know, for all the talking you’ll have to do between the actual football and the commercials and cleaning up spilled beer and all of that.

Like books?  Like a lot of books?  Then don’t miss The Penguin Classics Complete Library, yours from Amazon for the low, low price of $13,413.30.  You get 25 boxes on a pallet that weighs over 750 lbs. and takes up 77 linear feet.

Speaking of Amazon, you can now get your very own gastric bypass kit for only $263.95.  Absolutely, positively do not miss the user reviews, either.

If you read any of the links I’m throwing at you today, make it this one about Bill Murray’s hilarious and poignant speech introducing Sofia Coppola at the National Board of Review.  His stuff about success, careers, going off the rails and creativity are spot-on too.

The Shepard tone is a sound that when played creates the auditory illusion that it’s constantly ascending or descending in tone (I always hear descending).  Wild.  It’s like M. C. Escher for your ears.

Through February 5, you can access the Oxford English Dictionary online for free using trynewoed/trynewoed as the username/password.  David Foster Wallace pushed me into the OED’s pages a long time ago, and I haven’t really come back since.

Oh, the iPhone is on Verizon as of February 10.  That’s great news, but there are limitations to the Verizon model.  Most notably: (1) it can’t do simultaneous voice + data (a CDMA limitation), and (2) it’s not a world phone.  On the upside, however, it makes and holds phone calls.  Win!

Chrissie Wellington is an unexpected athlete.  Here’s a woman who never played any sports growing up but then in her 20s discovered she liked running.  Immediately after this discovery, she started winning every Ironman triathlon she entered, even against world-class competitors.  Turns out her body was bizarrely suited to endurance events.

Finally, a closing thought about football this weekend.  Am I the only one who thinks sports are way better when teams have open contempt for one another?  Both games this weekend are going to be intense.  I pick Steelers and Pats.

Have a good weekend, everyone!


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