What to Negotiate in Your SaaS Agreement

There’s plenty of information out there about why to choose SaaS and which products lead their respective markets.  What’s not out there en masse is some cogent advice on how to deal with the underbelly of any enterprise software purchase: the contract.

Derek Singleton, an ERP Market Analyst for ERP Software Advice, rounds up his nine key points you’ll need to think about in negotiating your SaaS agreement.

So you’ve decided to go with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). It’s easy to implement, easy to use and has a friendly subscription pricing model. You’re psyched.

Then comes the contract.

While SaaS has simplified enterprise software in many ways, you will still need to review, negotiate and execute a fairly complex contract when subscribing to an “enterprise-class” system. In this post, we will walk you through the nine most important things to consider when negotiating your SaaS agreement.

Nice to see these oft-discussed points collected and discussed evenly.  It’s a high-level consideration, but certainly these nine items should be somewhere on your contract checklist.


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