Linkology: Friday Links for 10/8/10

Did I mention we’re really excited for Workday Rising next week?

I did?  Twice?  Oh, sorry.  Let’s get on with the links, then.

Wait – sorry again.  One quick thing: tomorrow is the Michigan vs. MSU game, which is a bit of a big deal here in Michigan.  I am a Michigan grad and fan, so it goes without saying that I’m pulling for the Wolverines to show they’re for real by beating State.

The problem is we have several folks here at MIPRO who are State fans, and, well, these particular folks are emotionally unbalanced, so if State manages to lose, it’s going to be interesting around here with lots of screaming and yelling and shredding of rubber green-and-white horseheads.  So for the sake of their sanity, please join them in rooting for State so for once in their lives they can claim their alma mater topped the school that turned their admission application down.  Thanks.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: If you, our reader, are a State fan, please know that we consider you to be a balanced, smart, non-rubber horsehead wearing person who is admirable in every way.)

That said, the links:

Bruce Schneier on the Stuxnet worm.  This is utterly fascinating.  Read it.

Tweet Library – absolutely awesome application for curating your own tweets, favorites and retweets for later reference.  Worth ten bucks if you’re an iPad power-user who spends a lot of time with Twitter.

Google acquires BlindType, developers of intuitive and predictive virtual keyboard technology.  Great pickup.  Wonder what this means for future iOS versions?  And who’s going to nab Swype?

Crazy volcano footage.  You won’t get closer to a volcano, ever.

David Foster Wallace’s final novel, The Pale King, is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

A short documentary about the desks of creative people.  Worth your time.

Have a great weekend everyone!  GO BLUE!


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