Oracle Appoints Mark Hurd as Co-President

One thing’s for sure: Oracle’s Larry Ellison is putting his money where his mouth is.  A few weeks ago, Ellison came out and publicly lambasted HP and its board for firing CEO Mark Hurd, calling the move a ‘grave mistake’.

Yesterday, Oracle announced its appointment of Mark Hurd as co-President, serving alongside President Safra Catz.

At HP, Hurd more than tripled profit by cutting costs and expanding beyond the company’s core business of computers and printers. He oversaw an acquisition spree of more than $20 billion, letting the company branch out into services, networking equipment and smartphones. Oracle, which also has bulked up through takeovers, would draw on Hurd’s background blending software and hardware as it expands into server sales.

Here comes Oracle’s for-real hardware push.


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