Linkology: The Best of the Internet for 9/17/10

The other night, my cats were diagnosed with a parasite, which is a fancy way of saying ‘worms.’  To remedy this, the vet gave me pills to administer to the cats.  These pills aren’t cat-sized, nor are they flavored to be appealing to cats.  They’re human-sized and -designed antibiotic pills.  If you know anything about cats, they don’t take well to having things shoved in their mouths while wrapped in a towel and squeezed by a sweating human.  In fact, feeding these pills to a fully-clawed cat is like trying to shove a bucket of rocks into a running lawnmower — it doesn’t end well, and there’s a strong probability of bloodshed.

It took me 30 minutes to get these cats tired enough so that I could cram the pills in their mouths and get them to swallow them.  In the end, I was sweating, covered with enough fur to win a Wookie costume competition and the cats skulked away angrily, checking their calendars to for their next available time to eat my face.

In a word, epic fail.

We have a global interconnected network of computers.  We can take high-res photos of distant galaxies.  We can simulate human intelligence to a scary degree.  But we apparently cannot create a pill that a cat won’t reject and spit back onto the floor in a beige loam.

I tell you this story as a precursor to the links I share below.  Why?  I have no idea.  It makes as much sense as trying to feed a cat a human-sized pill.

So, links.  Here you go.

Twitter has redesigned its web interface in a more complex way than might meet the eye.  Techcrunch’s MG Sieger has a great rundown of the subtleties of the new design.

iPhone drops to 24% smartphone share; Android jumps to 17%.  Again: Apple needs the iPhone on other domestic carriers, stat.

Afraid of heights?  Then don’t watch this video.  I got sweaty palms about halfway through and I tolerate heights reasonably well. (Update: original YouTube video pulled; what you see here is an abridged version.)

Chase Jarvis field tests the new Nikon D7000.  This is on the want list.

Everything Is a Remix, part one in a four-part series by Kirby Ferguson.  This will be the best thing you watch all day.

The New Yorker’s Jose Antonio Vargas as a long, detailed personal profile of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.  Worth the read whether you’re a Facebook user or not.

And that’s it.  Have a good weekend, everyone.  I’m going dog shopping.


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