Linkology: The Best of the Internet for 8/27/2010

Every Friday, sophisticated algorithms here at MIPRO’s highly-secure analysis datacenter (me) trawl the entire Internet (what I have starred in Google Reader) to bring to you the best (what I find interesting) links of the week so that you have some nice weekend reading (work interference) to help you wind down into the weekend (which started 24 hours ago).  Please enjoy wholeheartedly (please read the first few lines).

Have a Garmin GPS? Your might be part of a recall involving overheating units.  See here for details.

The Beauty of the Power Game: a series of tennis videos from the NY Times depicting famous women tennis players is super-slow motion.  I can’t quite decide if these are superficial and exploitative or artistic and technically informative.  Regardless, it’s always amazing to watch a top-caliber athlete’s technique in slow-motion.  Anyone remember the famous Tiger Woods Swing Portrait?

Drink till you drop: finally, the magic elixir clinically proven to promote weight loss.  Affordable, too.

Mythbusters: fun with gas. Such a fine moment.

Here’s the kitten mittens scene from a It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia trailer.  Gets me every time.

Astronaut prank on a golf course.  Amazed this doesn’t happen more often.

Finally, Ricky Gervais does the David Brent dance.  Probably one of the most famous (and seriously hilarious) scenes from the UK version of The Office ever.

Have a great weekend, everyone.


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