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MIPRO is a nationally-recognized leader when it comes to the successful implementation of the PeopleSoft Maintenance Management (MM)/ALM suite. We have performed more implementations of this product than any other services firm out there. This is a bit of a bragging right, of course, but also an important fact to support our knowledge and expertise in the MM space. We have blogged about both ERP and Business Intelligence and the takeaways from those post is simply that ERP allows your organization to run your business and BI allows you to manage it. In this post we bring the world of BI to the world of PeopleSoft MM/ERP together in complete harmony.

At a high level, MM enables service requests, work orders, crews to be assigned to work, work to be executed and equipment maintained.  Put simply, MM allows organizations to ensure their assets are kept functional and operational with as limited down time as possible.

As you might expect, there are some key operational reports required in order to ensure that all of the standard work activities are completed as efficiently and as effectively as possible. In addition, there are many management and true BI reports which can help answer those key questions around work orders, service requests, crews and assets.

Utilizing our BI requirements gathering process with our MM experience, we have put together effective BI for PeopleSoft MM. How?  We look at the key business questions which must be answered and understand the different dimensions to the business question being asked in order to establish a clear picture of MM BI. It is important to understand that MM BI also has interdependencies with HR, finance and supply chain.

That said, let’s go graphical!  A sample of our MM BI is outlined below. This example illustrates one sample BI question per subject area which may be turned into one or multiple reports or dashboards across functional business areas:

(Legend follows the chart.)

BI for MM chart

(Click to enlarge)

LEGEND: Maintenance Management Business Intelligence Chart

Business Process? This is the specific area of maintenance management impacted.

Business Question? This is the specific business question being posed which requires an BI answer. Remember, without answering a specific question, it is just a report.

Who is asking? Who are the resources who need to know the answer to this question?

What is the importance? What is the business value of having an answer to this question?

Who/What benefits from the answer? Are there others who may benefit from knowing this information? These may not be directly involved but can benefit from the information such as HR and crew information.

What is the metric/measure? Is there a specific tolerance or target? Top 10, bottom 10, etc.

Does this measure drive/answer additional questions? Other areas not directly involved in this business question may also find value. The answer may also lead to additional investigation and answers to other related questions.

Of course, this chart represents samples.  In the real world, there will be much more detail behind each subject area.

If you would like to learn more about our maintenance management, BI or BI for MM capabilities, please contact us.  We take questions from this blog all the time, and we’re happy to have even the quickest conversation with you.


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