Linkology: The Best of the Internet for 6/18/10

Today’s trawl from the depths of the Internet will be light, basically because I’ve been watching too much World Cup (how do you miss that direct kick, Germany?) and I really can’t think quite right (does Ronaldo hit the pitch anytime another molecule touches him?) and my attention to Internet nonsense is dwarfed by World Cup nonsense (did Spain really lose to Switzerland?).

Nonetheless, I’m a yeoman, so here goes.

How to seriously annoy a baby.

An interactive map showing where people are moving from and to. Very interesting. A lot of cities would be what you expect, and then, sadly, there’s Detroit.

Anthony Bourdain’s war on fast food. Required reading, if you ask me.

There’s much fuss about Steve Jobs’s claim that the pixels on the iPhone 4’s new Retina Display are so small they cannot be discerned. Some are calling the claim marketing hype. Who to believe? Perhaps listen to Bad Astronomy’s Phil Plait, who’s spent some time calibrating cameras on board Hubble, and who knows a thing or two about resolution.

Bing Destination Maps has a very cool option to render maps as napkin drawings. Delightfully retro (and simple).

Guitar Hero? Passé. What you want is Vuvuzela Hero, which, sadly, isn’t real (yet).

A missive on the word “so”, notably on its recent trend to begin sentences.

So, that about does it. Have a great weekend, everyone.


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